Smoked Tail Lights With Brake & Reverse Light For Tesla Model 3/Y

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If you want your Tesla Model Y/3(US Type) to look different from any other Tesla on the road, then don’t miss this custom X-man taillight specially made for the Tesla Model Y/3. These upgraded lights aren't just direct replacements for your existing setup; they're a leap forward in automotive lighting technology, combining cool features with enhanced safety.

Upgrading to the X-Man tail lights transforms your Tesla with functionalities that 99% of Teslas don't have. This unique feature set includes:
- Brake Light: Brighter and more noticeable, ensuring following drivers are alerted when you slow down or stop.
- Running Light: Maintains a steady glow, enhancing your vehicle's visibility at night or during low-light conditions.
- Amber Turn Signal Light: A vivid amber light that offers superior turn signal visibility, ensuring your turning intentions are clear to others.
- Reversing Light: Significantly improves the illumination when backing up, aiding in safer reverse maneuvers.

These features not only offer various lighting styles but also significantly increase safety for you and those around you. Your Tesla will stand out with these cool and unique functions, making it a standout among other models.

Compatibility and Installation
Designed for the Tesla Model 3 (2019-2022) and Model Y (2021-2023), the X-Man tail lights ensure a seamless, gap-free integration. The installation is non-destructive, maintaining your vehicle’s integrity. Each package includes adaptor cables and a detailed manual, with specific wiring instructions for each model to ensure optimal operation.

Certified Safety and Reliability
A standout feature of the X-Man tail lights is their certification. The PC casing of these lights bears the DOT SAE IST certification, along with the 2a R1Y S1 E9 marks. These certifications indicate compliance with rigorous safety standards:
DOT (Department of Transportation): Ensures the lights meet U.S. safety regulations.
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers): Signifies adherence to international standards for automotive engineering.
IST: A mark of quality and reliability in automotive components.
2a R1Y S1 E9: These specific codes indicate the type of lighting (e.g., brake, running, turn signal) and confirm compliance with European safety and quality standards.
These certifications are not just symbols; they represent the tail lights' commitment to safety and quality, ensuring they meet the highest international standards.

Aesthetics that Speak
Beyond functionality, the X-Man tail lights redefine the aesthetics of your Tesla. The sleek design, aligned with the futuristic Tesla look, adds an edge of sophistication and uniqueness. These tail lights make your car not just a means of transportation but a reflection of your style and attention to detail.
The custom X-Man tail lights for Tesla Model Y and 3 are more than just an upgrade; they are a fusion of advanced technology, unparalleled style, and enhanced safety. They ensure that your Tesla is not just another car on the road but a standout piece of modern automotive art. Illuminate your journey with these lights, and experience the perfect blend of elegance, safety, and uniqueness on the road.

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