RGB Tail Lights With Brake & Running Light For Tesla Model 3/Y

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Tesla owners seeking an innovative twist on their vehicle's aesthetics and functionality will find the RGB Tail Lights an electrifying upgrade. This X-Men RGB taillight, specially designed for the American version of the Tesla Model 3/Y, retains all the advanced functionalities of the standard Tesla taillights while introducing an additional layer of customization. Its unique RGB feature applies to both the brake lights and running lights, and can be controlled via a Bluetooth application and a remote control with a unique one-key restore function.

Innovative RGB Functionality
What sets the Tesla X-Man RGB Tail lights apart is their ability to transform your vehicle's brake and running lights into a dynamic display of color. Check the tail light functions below.
- Brake Light: Enhanced brightness for better visibility when slowing or stopping. Apart from its primary safety function, it now doubles as a customizable RGB light, offering an array of colors to match your style or mood.
- Running Light: Maintains a constant glow, improving low-light visibility. This feature also enjoys the RGB treatment, enhancing the vehicle's visibility and aesthetics, especially in low-light conditions.
- Amber Turn Signal Light: Vivid and bright, ensuring your turning intentions are unmistakably clear.
- Reversing Light: Significantly improves the illumination when backing up, aiding in safer reverse maneuvers. This feature is a boon for nighttime driving, where limited visibility can lead to mishaps.

This added RGB functionality allows for a personalized lighting experience, making your Tesla not only safer but also more visually captivating. Your Tesla will stand out with these cool and unique functions, making it a standout among other models.

Dual Control for Personalized Experience
The RGB Tail Lights offer two convenient control options, ensuring ease of use:
-Bluetooth App Control: For tech-savvy drivers, the Bluetooth-enabled app offers an intuitive way to customize the light colors and patterns directly from your smartphone.
-Remote Control: Designed for ease of use, the one-key restore function allows drivers to swiftly transition the tail lights to red mode while driving through zones prohibiting RGB lighting, promoting safe and compliant driving practices. Featuring a unique one-key restore function for added convenience and safety compliance, simply hold the remote within one meter of the tail lights and press and hold for 10 seconds to restore the tail lights from RGB mode to standard red mode. Make sure the Tesla is in start mode. 
These control methods offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to switch between colors and modes effortlessly.

Compatibility and Installation
Designed for the Tesla Model 3 (2019-2022) and Model Y (2021-2023), the X-Man RGB tail lights ensure a seamless, gap-free integration. The installation is non-destructive, maintaining your vehicle’s integrity. Each package includes adaptor cables and a detailed manual, with specific wiring instructions for each model to ensure optimal operation.

Certified Safety and Reliability
These tail lights don't compromise on safety. The RGB functionality is integrated without hindering the lights' primary safety roles. They ensure that the vehicle remains visible and its signaling intentions clear, regardless of the chosen color or pattern.
A standout feature of the X-Man RGB tail lights is their certification. The PC casing of these lights bears the DOT SAE IST certification, along with the 2a R1Y S1 E9 marks. These certifications indicate compliance with rigorous safety standards:
DOT (Department of Transportation): Ensures the lights meet U.S. safety regulations.
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers): Signifies adherence to international standards for automotive engineering.
IST: A mark of quality and reliability in automotive components.
2a R1Y S1 E9: These specific codes indicate the type of lighting (e.g., brake, running, turn signal) and confirm compliance with European safety and quality standards.
These certifications are not just symbols; they represent the tail lights' commitment to safety and quality, ensuring they meet the highest international standards.

Whether it's enhancing safety, adding a personal touch, or simply enjoying the high-tech features, these RGB tail lights elevate your Tesla to a new level of sophistication and fun.

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