LED Projector Full Headlight Assembly For 2017-2021 BMW G310GS G310R

Sale price$145.00 USD


Headlight Model: G310M

These easy plug n play FULL LED headlight assembly should be the first step when improving your BMW G310GS G310R motorcycle's light output, 5 min installation, and perfect high-low beam performance with extra DRL. These newly led headlights not only can reduce the risk of accidents during twilight and nighttime hours, but also add a modern look to your BMW. 

  • E24 Compliant and proper dipped beam geometry
  • Durable IP67-rated aluminum housing, with UV-protected scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • OEM Part Number: 63128546522

PERFECT DIPPED BEAM&BRIGHT HIGH BEAM&DRL: Give a full new look for the motorbike and a breaking-edge performance thanks to the latest LED technology, significantly enhancing the nighttime field of vision and all-around visibility. The G310M headlights come equipped with a powerful LED projector that produces a wide & bright, and well-distributed beam pattern for excellent visibility in both low and high beam modes. Featured with long-life high-performance LEDs with intensive brightness, they score with up to 300% more light than halogen, and impress with up to 200% whiter light. You'll get 5400LM from its high beam at 90W and 2400LM low beam at 30W. There are no replaceable bulbs to deal with (or worry about!) here. The integrated optional Daytime Running Light(DRL) can be wired to ignition or to a dedicated switch to illuminate to offer daytime safety.

ROAD LEGAL&E24 COMPLIANCE: Headlights that are non-compliant offer far less where it’s needed most for the driver, and also dazzle other road users. To ensure the safety of yourself and other road users, your headlights must meet the local on-road Rules. G310M model headlights are E24 approved, which means it was 100% street legal in Ireland.

EASY INSTALLATION IN 5MINS. When it comes to wiring, it doesn't get much easier than this. These headlights are designed to work on your BMW G310GS G310R without any mods. They will plug into the factory three-pin connector for the stock headlights and will work seamlessly without any issues at all. Since they re-use the stock halogen turn signal bulb, you don't have to worry about adding resistors or any of that nonsense to avoid hyper flashing either. Get Your BMW Lit Up With COLIGHT G310M Headlight Assembly.

TOUGH BUILT: Their UV-coated polycarbonate lens will resist the test of time, ensuring your G310GS's new headlights will look good as new for many years to come. Made of polycarbonate, the lens cover is UV protected, scratch-resistant and highly impact-resistant. The PPS plastic housing is lightweight and much stronger than comparable alternatives. The die-cast aluminum heat sinks provide more than an adequate amount of cooling for LED chips. COLIGHT G310M headlight has been tested for extreme external influences in terms of water, dust, cold and warm temperatures, UV light and permanent vibrations and validated with the IP protection class IP67.

  • Model: G310M led full headlight assembly
  • Functions: Daytime running light (DRL), low beam, high beam
  • Technical data: high beam 90 W (5400lm), low beam 30 W (2400lm)
  • light temperature: 6000K 
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy (ADC12) Heat-Sink
  • IP67 waterproof, Ingress Protection
  • Polycarbonate (PC) Lens refractor
  • Shock Proof, Waterproof and UV Shielded
  • ECE approved for legal road use
  • Easy PLUG N PLAY
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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