A20 Series 8-52 Inch 6D Lens Ultra-Slim Dual Row LED Light Bars

Size: 8''/36w
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Colight ultra-slim series A20 light bar is an upgraded version of the A10 light bar. Features dual row 6D lens LEDs, A20 light bar is a 165% increase in lux performance in comparison to the A10 light bar without a significant increase in price. The A20 ultra-slim led light bar goes above and beyond when it comes to construction and quality. If you are seeking a tough dual row spot beam light bar, A20 is the top pick option with the racing proved performance.
6D Lense Light Bar Single row A10 Series VS Dual row A20 Series
These lights are built super bright! Take the 22inch A20 Light Bar as an example. Featuring a unique 6D spot lens distribution, this gives the A20 light bar a massive 120° wide of 5700k rectangular light directly in front of your vehicle to staggering 1 lux@214m. Along with a seriously impressive illumination, it also features dual rows of 3560 LEDs producing a whopping 8500 lumens.

Outdoor light performance and beam pattern show of CO LIGHT A20 series 22inch led light bar

We know you’re going to put your lights through hell and back, so we’ve built them tough in every aspect. Built secure with IP68 waterproof rate, A20 LED light bar features a military pressure equalization vent which specially designed to prevent pressure and condensation in the enclosure. This superior light bar comes wrapped in an impeccably durable, weather-resistant housing die-cast from high-grade aluminum and complete with an unbreakable PMMA lens, so it can withstand just about every and any rage of the road.

A20 series light bar in the front grill

The A20 light bar is one of the best quality products in our store. The ultra-slim design makes it possible to place these lights anywhere you need lighting for greater safety and visibility. If you need the extra waterproof wire harness, just add it to your cart. Then you will receive the DT connector light bar and DT wire harness. If you don't need the extra wire harness, the light bar only comes with the normal connector.

Lightbar Series:   A20 Series
Technology:  5W each 3560 LEDs
Reflector:  6D
Voltage:  DC 10V-30V
Beam Pattern:  Rectangular Spot Beam
Material: Diecast aluminum housing
Housing Color:  Black
Lens material:  PMMA
Mounting Bracket: Stainless steel bracket 
Color Temperature: 5700K
Waterproof rate: IP68
Size: 8'', 14'', 22'', 32'',  42'', 50''
Operating temperature: -40℃ - +80℃
Life Span: 30000Hrs+

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