A10 Series 8-49 Inch 6D Lens Ultra-Slim Series Hidden LED Light Bars

Size: 8''/30w
Sale price$49.00 USD


The low-profile A10 Series is the advanced version of Z10 light bar. A10 series is provided with an outstanding cooling system and more even&brighter light output. The top two functions of the A10 light bar are the unique 6D lens design and the ultra slim design.
6D LENS DESIGN: The difference between the 6D lens and the ordinary reflector is that the light reflected by the 6D lens is relatively uniform and tight, and the optical distance can be adjusted to the desired distance by adjusting the angle. But the light obtained by using the ordinary reflector is unevenly dispersed, and the irradiation range is limited. Featuring a unique 6D Convex lens and dazzling single row LEDs, A10 Light Bar can create a massive 110lm per watt of 6000k fan-shaped light beam front the vehicle.
ULTRA SLIM DESIGN: Come in 3cm height, you can place these lights anywhere you need lighting for greater safety and visibility. From 8" to 52", there are a total of 8 length sizes to choose from. Separately equipped with a waterproof DT wiring harness, it can be easily installed on the front grill, diamond fog lamp, engine rack and roof rhino rack. Another advantage of the slender design is to reduce resistance and no whistling noise.
TOUGH BUILT: Backed by super high-quality cast alloy housing and 6 heat sinks distributed on the back, they are the keys to continuous work and longevity. Equipped with a PMMA convex lens to prevent scratching and fading and a high-quality waterproof rubber pad, the waterproof ability can reach IP68. The IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating means that they can maintain the waterproof rating for 1 hour at a depth of 1m.
For better&safe road traffic, it is recommended to add an extra waterproof DT wire harness to control the light bar separately. When you add our DT wire harness to your cart, the whole light setup will be upgraded to waterproof. Come with side brackets and screws, it's easy to install in 10 mins. 


  • High-Grade Aluminum Alloy Heatsink
  • IP68 Compliant -Dust / Water Ingress
  • Convex 6D lens & Ultra-slim design
  • Side Brackets
  • High Power 6000K Rectangular Light
  • 50000+ Hour Lifespan
  • Size options: 8'', 14'', 20'', 25'', 32'', 37'', 43'', 49''
  • The original wiring is red and black. Connect red to positive and black to negative
  • The package includes the A10 light bar, screws and side brackets.

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