CO LIGHT 22inch Dual Row Offroad Laser Light Bar

Sale price$285.00 USD


The upgraded light bar introduced the latest technology to develop a revolutionary lighting system. These laser spot beam light bars are great for bombing down salt flats or wide-open deserts, but also great for slow-moving trails or straight country roads.

This dual row light bar features a state-of-the-art spot projector in the middle and dual row OSRAM CRDP-SH led chips, creating 10 times brighter and more intense than traditional Xenon or LED headlamps, delivering a super-concentrated light that shines farther than the laser driving light. As an auxiliary illumination, the lighting distance can up to 2000 meters, and it allows the driver more time to react to obstacles by focusing the light properly in front of the vehicle. 

With the international FDA, E9 and EN 62471 certification, the light bar emitted conforms to the safety regulations and will not cause any harm to people's eyes. To avoid being burned, please don't get too close to the middle spot projector, because it's too spot and powerful. 

Without a doubt, these lights are built TOUGH!  With ultra-high quality cast alloy housing with in-built passive cooling fins for component longevity, and premium convex polycarbonate lens that’s resistant to scratching, scuffing and fading. Polycarbonate is the same material used in submarine and aircraft windows as well as riot vehicle windows, so you know it's ready for anything.
Rated at IP68 waterproof, effective dustproof and waterproof, can withstand all kinds of bad weather. This amazing driving light even runs on 12v and 24v, so you can bolt them to your car, van, ute, 4WD, truck, tractor or just about any type of machine.

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