CO LIGHT 30inch Single Row Laser Light Bar With DRL Rings

Sale price$249.00 USD


These very forefront technology of Light Bars are totally the game-changing offroad driving lights on the market. Feature with daytime running light, these single row spot beam light bars can enhance driver's visibility during the daytime, and it improves your car's visibility to reduce the possibility of accidents.

Fitted with a combination of a state-of-the-art spot projector in the middle and single-row OSRAM P8 LEDs, this single row light bar creates 10 times brighter and more intense than traditional Xenon or LED headlights, delivering a super-concentrated light that shines farther than the laser driving light. The 30inch LED ‘spotties’ are super-efficient and only draw 95W per light. It can shoot an unrelenting output of 20000 raw lumens and produce a strong&even beam that illuminates up to 993m ahead. Explore more SPEC of other sizes on the picture.
What's more, it delivers a unrivaled&smooth SPOT light beam on mid-long range light distribution due to its unique customized deep reflector. The spot light beam allows the driver more time to react to obstacles by focusing the light properly in front of the vehicle. In addition, the reflected smooth beam can eliminate shadows and reduce light in unimportant areas to maximize driver comfort.
No longer worry about hitting animals when offroad racing. Mounting a piece of this single-row light bar is great for slow-moving trails or straight country roads, also ideal for bombing down the salt flats or wide-open desert.

With the international FDA, E9 and EN 62471 certification, the light bar emitted conforms to the safety regulations and will not cause any harm to people's eyes. Built-in integrated DRL makes your vehicle more recognizable, reduces traffic accidents and maximizes safety. 

Superior lighting performance aside, CO LIGHT light bar offers all the features and quality you’d expect. With ultra-high quality diecast aluminum housing with heat sink for component longevity, and premium polycarbonate lens that’s resistant to scratching, scuffing, and fading. Backed by the military-grade pressure equalization vent to balance the pressure and reduce condensation, the IP68 ingress protection rating means they can handle a creek crossing and a high-pressure washdown after an adventure. Supplied with waterproof male/female Deutsch connectors, the installation has never been easier. If you need EXTRA WIRE HARNESS to build, please choose our 3-pin DT wire harness. Here is the link.


  • Middle spot projector and big wide-beam LED reflectors, which emit a 5700K combo light with a lateral-shaped flood pattern and long-distance spot beam.
  • 2 light mode: driving light+DRL light
  • 4mm thick 304 series stainless side mounting bracket
  • Diecast aluminum Housing: Boasting superior strength and corrosion resistance.
  • 3mm thick PC Lens: Virtually unbreakable & scratch resistant
  • IP68Rated: Dust & Particle tight + Water-proof up to 1 meters for 1 hour
  • Pressure Equalization vent with metal cap: Protects against water ingress, dust & contaminants.
  • Environmentally sealed deutsch® DT-3pin male/female connectors
  • Package includes 1x single-row light bar with side brackets, 15cm female DT-3 pin connector, screws and bolts.

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