26inch Curved G10 Series 72W Slim Single Row Light Bar

Sale price$108.00 USD


After the colight super-slim light bar has been praised by more and more riders, they hope that we can launch a curved model for better fitment. As we posted in our blog, the super slim light bar can effectively reduce wind resistance and whistling sound. What's more, the price of single-row curved light bars is expensive on the market, then here comes COLIGHT G10 series light bar. 

COLIGHT's Super Slim Series G10 curved light bars are the perfect stealth lighting solution for everything from daily drivers to daily-used cars, over-land vehicles, and RVs. They are available in six different sizes, starting at a 20" light bar and ranging to a 50" model.

BETTER FITMENT & REDUCE WIND RESISTANCE: when you drive at high speed, you'll be annoyed by the whistling noise. Because the high-speed wind flows upward along with the windshield to the top of your car, passing through the cooling fins of the light bar and bringing strong vibration. G10 series features an ultra-thin light body that can extremely reduce the contact area with the wind. Only in 1.4inch height and blend body, the curved G10 series allows you to no longer worry about space limitations. They compliment the car and give it a wonderful front look. This super-strong, low-profile light bar is designed to fit in tight spots, allowing unique and stealth looks.

EXCELLENT LIGHTING: This octagonal reflector is exclusive to COLIGHT and one of the best on the market. It combines the flood reflector and spot reflector to shots a bright driving beam on nearby-mid range light distribution. They are perfect for camping and late-night off-roading.

Take the commonly used 50inch curved one as an example, featuring 72 Osram KW3 chips and octagonal reflectors distribution, this gives the light bar a massive 130° combo beam front of the vehicle to a staggering 15,120 lumens white light output and 1 lux@410m light distance. Check the picture of size details for more SPEC and more sizes.

STEALTH & COMPACT AND RUGGED:  COLIGHT G10 series curved light bar is 6mm higher than other ultra-slim series light bars, but it won't affect its invisible installation and the advantages of more installation positions.
Wrapped in premium polycarbonate lens, super high-quality aluminum alloy housing, and dense heat sinks distributed on the back to protect the internal components from any damage, there is no doubt that the G10 curved light bar is stronger and thicker than straight slim light bars.

Backed by the military-grade pressure equalization vent to balance the pressure and reduce condensation, the IP68 ingress protection rating means they can handle a creek crossing and a high-pressure washdown after an adventure.

APPLICATION: Whether you are looking for discreet, high-performance lighting for your Jeep, truck, SUV, boat, or construction vehicle, our high-output slim light bars are sure to satisfy. If you own a Jeep, it's better to get a straight light bar on the roof.

  • Single row Osram KW3 chips and flood&spot reflectors combination in curved body, 30% brightness increased and 50% wider than a traditional straight light bar
  • 3mm thick stainless side mounting bracket
  • Diecast aluminum Housing: Boasting superior strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Premium polycarbonate lens: Virtually unbreakable & scratch resistant
  • IP68Rated: can handle a creek crossing and a high-pressure washdown after an adventure.
  • Pressure Equalization vent with metal cap: Protects against water ingress, dust & contaminants.
  • The package includes 1x light bar with side brackets
  • Size options: Curved 20inch/26inch/32inch/38inch/44inch/50inch 

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