3 Things We Bet You Don't Know About Super Slim Light Bars

Are you always annoyed and disturbed by the high-pitched whistling noises from the roof light bars when you speed up? Or are you looking for a light bar that can be placed in the slit less than 2 inches high in the front of your car?
If you've got any questions like these, then you're the lucky to know us. Our single row ultra slim light bars are the perfect solution for stealth installations and elimination of howling sounds. Let's see how they play.

colight ultra slim led light bars


1. Primary function: Reduce wind resistance and eliminate whistling noise

When you search ‘whistle noise from light bar’ on Google, it turns out 2 million results, showing how many people feeling annoyed by this problem.

The whistling noise can get more annoying when you driving at high speed. Because the high-speed wind flows upward along with the windshield to the top of your car, passing through the cooling fins of the light bar and bringing strong vibration.The different caused by thick light bar VS ultra slim light bar

There are tons of ways on the internet to teach you how to reduce the whistling noise but most are expensive and troublesome. However, choosing our super slim light bars can fix this problem in one second.

Take our best-selling A10 Series light bars as an example, the ultra-thin light body can extremely reduce the contact area with the wind. Also, the sleek streamlined design can reduce the resistance of the wind. So there is no reason for our super slim light bars to generate any whistling noise. 


2. The advantage of its slim body: Wide application and stealth installation

You may be wondering how thin our super slim light bars are. Only 1inch tall and 2inch deep, the super slim light body makes it have more applications. You can fully utilize many tight spots like the picture below:

CO LIGHT single row LED light bar B10 series ultra slim bar wide application

Super slim light bars allow you to no longer worry about space limitations. They can be mounted on lots of places such as lower bumper sections and grills, on top of roof racks or up near windshields on hoods which you can give full play with your creativity.
The wide application also means that they can be applied on cars, ATVs, UTVs for off-road lighting as well as on trucks, tractors, marines for work lighting.

At the same time, our super slim light bars offer a bunch of size options. Our best price Z10 series provides eight size options from 8’’ to 50’’ that you can freely choose the size to meet your needs. There is always a perfect one for you.

The super slim design also means it can be invisible. Blend with your vehicle better to create a sleek and compact look, these low-profile light bars are easy to integrate with the whole, become the top pick to offer a tidy and clean car build.
For example, the light bar can truly be hidden when you mount it on roof rack, on the hood and lower bumper behind the grill. While driving in daylight, not a person will be able to see your light bar, but at night, it cannot be missed.

Due to so many advantages, we’ve got a complete line of super slim light bars to meet different needs.

But super slim is not the only reason to let them become so popular. They’re all built tough and rugged. Feature an extruded aluminum body with black anodized coating, an unbreakable, scratch-resistant lens and a custom-molded rubber seal. The die-cast aluminum housing and high-effectively heat sinks can keep the LED light running brighter and longer. All with an IP68 rating that means they’re waterproof to one meter for an hour!

CO LIGHT A10 series slim light bar 5D lens spot light application 

No whistling noise, offering a clean car build, rugged and tough, it’s time to pick an super slim light bar for your cars. A whole collection of our super slim light bars can meet all your needs.

Maybe you're wondering which light bar is the best quality, which one is the brightest light bar. Don't worry, continue to read.

Outdoor light performance between COLIGHT slim light bars

  • From the picture upside, you can see A10 series can shots a even bright spot light from its slim body, it can reach a farther distance than the rest slim light bars. No more than that, A10 is the best quality among these slim light bars. So you will understand the price of A10 is a little high than other slim light bars. You know it matches the price.
  • Fitted with a special 6D lens and sleek appearancee, Z10 Series is the best choice and does not to break the bank. Similar design as A10 series, Z10 light bar emits a wider light than A10, but not that far as A10. If you like the 6D lens design, then you shouldn't miss out Z10 series light bar.
  • CL10 Series has the classic reflector cup desingn, but the light output is amazing. The uniform, not dazzling light with obvious boundaries can improve the safety factor of driving at night. Due to size restrictions, currently only 8inch and 20inch are available. Please look forward to opening more sizes.
  • L10 Sereis features innovative hooded reflector design with rear-facing LEDs, which delivers powerful light intensity at the mid to long range.
  • B10 series creats a combo beam due to the combination of the flood and spot reflectors. It  has the widest light range, which is great for camping. Also, we have it in two light options, white and yellow. The yellow light bar provides a great vision when foggy rainy days. It's perfect for daily use.

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