The passion for off-road and the pursuit for better lights are always endless.

No matter you're looking for a premium look or the impending hazard of stray animals when high speed, the projector light can make it true. It will shock you with its revolutionary projector technology and insane light performance.

Want to know more about it? We’ll make a detailed introduction in the next.

1. Light Performance

In terms of lighting distance, projector light is nothing compares.

Using the emerging advanced projector technology,  it becomes the farthest-reaching lights ever--with an ability to light up objects up to a simply insane 2 km away.

As shown in the picture below, the lighting distance of the projector light is far beyond the reach of all other lights you can see on the market.

Besides the lighting distance, projector lights also produce the type of light performance that other lights can only dream of.

With a combination of Osram LEDs surrounding a high tech specially designed projector module, it can unleash stunning lights from 8000-29000 lumens in a combination beam pattern to greatly extend the lighting range. The strong penetrating power and the LEDs around can blaze up the night to keep you safe under any conditions.

2. Sizes & Application

To meet all kinds of lighting needs, our projector light series has various choices from projector light bars and projector driving lights to projector headlights and projector flashlights.

Projector light bars come in 5 sizes vary from 14 inch to 50 inch to suit a wide range of applications for bull bars, grills and roof racks, and the light comes with everything you need for easy fitting.

Because of the wider application, our projector driving lights come in many sizes from 3 inch to 9 inch. 

The 3 inch projector driving light is the smallest one which is perfect to install on the front bumper and roof rhino rack, range from the smallest motorcycle to the biggest tractor.

Featuring the unique designed look and three kinds of lens to have your entire range of view covered, it is the top choice of auxiliary lights. 

The 5 inch one comes in a sleek square shape and two light options--white and amber. Surrounded with 8 pcs high light output OSRAM LEDs, it delivers a thumping 7250 lumens at the power of 58W per light.

As an auxiliary lights with higher light performance, it can fit every type of vehicles--trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, UTVs, and even boats.

When it comes to the 7 inch one, it creates 10 times brighter than traditional Xenon or LED headlamps and the lighting distance can up to 2000 meters.

Also wide application to all kinds of trucks, off-road vehicles, Pickups, SUV, ATV, ships, agriculture, heavy equipment, etc. 

In the OFFROAD PROJECTOR collection, although the 8.5-inch projector driving light is a little smaller than the 9 inch one their power and lumen are the same.

Besides the size, another difference between 8.5'' and 9'' is that 9'' has DRL that you can switch easily between driving mode and DRL.

16600 lumen, 2000m lighting distance and ultra-tough built, they will both be your unsurpassed offroad companion.

 3. Tough Built

Sheer performance isn't just what sets these lights apart. They've got an incredible next-generation look, as well as ultra-tough built and bracket that can withstand just about anything you can throw at them.

All projector lights adopt a heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing to achieve efficient heat dissipation and ensure the service life of more than 50,000 hours. Rated at IP68 waterproof, effective dust-proof and waterproof, can withstand all kinds of bad weather.


After the detailed introduction of our projector lights, you may understand why they can become the top-class light in the whole industry. The endless pursuit of lights can be fulfilled with projector lights and off-road can become a more advanced experience with excitement and safety.

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