Y12 Series Mini Projector RHD Mode Led Headlight Bulbs-H4/H11/H7/9005/9006(Set/2pcs)

Plug Type: H4/9003/HB2
Sale price$62.00 USD


This is a projector headlight Y12 bulb designed for regional and national use on the right side of the steering wheel, i.e. RHD.  Featured with a perfect cutoff low beam and brighter white light than the other projector bulbs in our store, the Y12 series will impress you with its wonderful price and high-quality made. The RHD countries include the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Sweden, and Iceland, etc.


  • The latest mini projector bulb Y12 to replace the Front reflector housing headlight or fog light
  • Can be only used in Right-Hand-Drive country
  • Perfect low beam cutoff line and bright high beam output, 6000K
  • 5 Plug Types are available, H4/9003/9005/9006/H7/H11
  • Small size as halogen, won't affect the installation of the dust cover
  • Power/Lumens(pair): H4 Bulb: Low beam 60W/6000LM;  High beam 80W/8000LM
  • Power/Lumens(pair): H7/H11/9005/9006 Single beam 60W/6000LM
  • Strong decoding and anti-interference ability CANBUS Driver
  • Adjustable Mounting Collar and fan cooling heat sink
  • Color Temperature: 6000K white light
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ - +80℃
  • Life Span: 50000Hrs+
  • Package includes 2pcs Y12 bulbs with CANBUS

Why do we recommend the mini projector Y12 bulb?
All COIGHT mini projector bulbs feature an innovative dipped beam cup with a miniature optical projector (lens) on top, allowing the dipped beam to show a clear cut-off line ahead. As the latest mini projector bulb, except for this most notable feature, Y12 is a multi-plug type bulb with 1:1 size as halogen, just like Y9mini. The Y12 series has five plug types to fit more reflector headlights, they are dual beam H4, and single beam H7, H11, 9005, 9006 plugs. If the headlight is an H4, H7, H11, 9006, or 9005 halogen bulb, you can replace them with Y12. And 1:1 size as the stock halogen, no need to worry bottom base is too big to install the dust cover.

The biggest difference between Y12 and Y9 is the brightness. Y12 series H4 bulb uses a higher-power CSP chip, which can generate 80w results in 8000 lumens of high beam output and 60W results in 6000 lumens of low beam output per pair. In addition, it is more advantageous in price. Based on maintaining the same quality and performance, the price of Y12 has been reduced by about 30%, thanks to technological innovation. 

Will the Y12 series fit my car? And how to install it?
Before buying this bulb,  should realize all the mini projector bulbs can be only installed in the reflector headlight housing without the hood and projector in it. 
The reason why we don't recommend installing your projector headlight is that the light output is bad when in the projector headlight. And some may not fit.

Fitment notification of the mini projector bulbs

NOTE:  Please check whether the upgraded headlight complies with local road traffic regulations before deciding to buy. Only RHD countries can use these bulbs. And you should know the bulb size of your car vehicle headlight. If you don't know the bulb size, you can email us or chat online with your car year model. We can check it for you.

Make sure you meet all the demands, then you can take it home. Make sure the hood side is on top. Before you install, you need to unscrew the bottom base, then insert the bulb in the correct orientation, fix the buckle, and finally install the bottom base, and put on the dust cover. If the cutting lines are not parallel, you can turn the base to adjust the light pattern. The entire process can take up to 10 minutes to complete. You can install it yourself without going to a specialist repair shop. 

What other advantages of COLIGHT Y12 Series?

  • The all-aluminum lamp body quickly transfers heat to an unparalleled pure aluminum base, which dissipates heat in seconds, maintains the operating temperature at about -40 ° C to + 80 ° C, effectively reduces light attenuation, and can reach a lifespan of 50,000 + hours.
  • LED CANBUS decoder has strong decoding and anti-interference ability, which can make the current more stable, does not affect radio reception, does not interfere with radio wave batteries, and keep supply to the led headlights bulb current constantly.

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