CL27 Series 22-52 Inch 6D Lens Straight&Curved Combo Series LED Light Bars

Size: 22"/55w
Style: Straight
Sale price$89.00 USD Regular price$121.50 USD


Still looking for a perfect light performance led light bar at the best price for your trail? The CL27 dual row straight&curved light bar is your top pick for offroading. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE: Our all-new 6D Crystal Series offers a superior vision, and meets all corners of the market with its combo beam. Featuring a unique reflector distribution that uses dual row large reflectors and 4 flood lenses on each end to expand the light to the sides of the vehicle, this gives the 6D Crystal Series Light Bars a massive 160° of 6000k light around the vehicle. Along with a seriously impressive spread, it also features 2 rows of ‘spot’ style LEDs in the middle that produce a stronger hotspot for added distance. As a result, Colight CL27 can achieve a long irradiation distance and range for the best paving effect.

TOUGH CONSTRUCTION: Contained in a Diecast Aluminium housing, rated IP68 waterproof with a robust Polycarbonate lens and die-cast alloy brackets - the 6D Crystal Series will have no trouble standing up to the rough. 

Application: They can run on 12v and 24v, so you can bolt them to your car, jeep, van, ute, ATV, 4WD, truck, tractor, or just about any type of machine. Paired with a waterproofed DT wire harness, super-easy DIY to install.


  • 3 Types Reflector&Lens
  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens
  • Durable Polyester Powdercoat
  • IP68 Certified
  • Side mount brackets
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • Operating Temp -40º F ~ +145º F
  • 50,000+ Hour Lifespan
  • Integrated Thermal Management System
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Come with waterproof DT wire harness

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