12Inch Polar Bear Series Dual Row LED Light Bar With White&Amber DRL

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If you are seeking a high-end and stable light bar offering premium long-distance illumination and excellent quality, look no further than our Dual Row Polar Bear Series Light Bar. Designed with a sealed PC panel and smoked black rear hood reflector cup, it ensures excellent illumination at a distance with unparalleled quality. With options for both side and bottom mounting, it's ideal for discreet installation on rooftops, bumpers, and grilles. With three lighting modes—main light source, amber position lights, and white DRL, it will take your vehicle's lighting upgrade to the next level.


  • New and innovative bezel-less design, dual row light bar
  • Main light source with amber position lights, and white DRL
  • The sealed PC panel without any screws, helps prevent dirt and water from getting stuck
  • OSRMA P8 diode combined with rear hood reflector cup ensures exceptional long-range illumination
  • Supplied with a set of DEUTSCH 4pin connectors
  • Brackets on both sides and back
  • Super heavy, the plastic shell or thin shelf may not be able to bear its weight

Polar Bear Series Light Bar is the first-ever light bar to feature an innovative edge-to-edge bonded lens. Its sleek, dark, and sophisticated appearance add high-end styling to any class of vehicle that needs a high-performing driving light. From bezel-less design to edge-to-edge lens, Polar Bear Series is ideal for stealth installations.
Thanks to the dual row OSRMA P8 diodes combined with the innovative multi-faceted hooded reflectors, the 32inch distributes a 9860LM wide beam in the mid-far field and reaches 350meter at 1 lux. Also equipped with a built-in amber (2700K) or white (6000K) DRL / Position Light allows you to stay conspicuous day or night. You can attach this light bar to the front of your car, truck, camper, tractor, and more.

Our new Polar Bear Series is R112/R7/R10 approved, making it road-legal in Europe and New Zealand.
The ECE-R112 quality mark allows you to mount this LED lamp as a driving light at the front of your vehicle. This allows you to use this LED lamp not only as a work lamp but also as an extra high beam. 
The ECE-R10 quality mark ensures that the LED spotlight will not interfere with your radio signal.
The ECE-R7 mark allows you to mount this LED lamp as the position lamp.

Performance is paramount, but quality is always the first. It’s stunning from every angle. Engineered with the super heavy-duty heat sink and strong impact-resistant polycarbonate lens, Polar Bear Series has excellent anti-shake and shockproof ability. It can withstand the instant impact of weight up to half a ton and can be completely suitable for extreme off-road racing. Equipped with a DT-4 connector ensures you can make the power connection completely waterproof. 
A unique moulded rubber seal sits between the polycarbonate lens and cast aluminum body to create a watertight and dustproof seal, allowing the light to achieve an IP68 rating - meaning protection against dust ingress and submersion up to 3 meters. The IP68 quality marks in combination with stainless steel fasteners guarantee a long service life.
Comes with two types of mounting brackets. With this mounting bracket, you can attach the LED lamp from the back or side. You can also tilt the LED bar forward or backward by means of these brackets.

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