Tesla Model Y 2019-2023 Fully Auto Electric Glass Roof Sunshade

Prix réduit$649.00 USD


Only Available in U.S. Domestic!! Install the auto-electric sunshade on your Tesla model Y and say goodbye to high temperatures and strong UV rays in Summer. Elevate your driving experience with COLIGHT Tesla 2019 - 2023 Model Y Fully Automatic Roof Glass Sunshade. Engineered to perfection, this innovative accessory redefines comfort and convenience on the road. 

  • Seamless Installation: Designed for a perfect fit, our sunshade requires no roof disassembly, ensuring a seamless and non-destructive installation process.
  • Superior Light Blocking: With a physical light blocking rate of 99.99% and SPF50++++ UV protection, our sunshade provides exceptional sun protection to keep your car interior cool and comfortable.
  • OEM Color Match: Crafted to match the original interior color of your Tesla Model Y, our sunshade seamlessly blends in with the factory finish for a polished look.
  • One-Touch Operation: 9 seconds to switch on and off. Enjoy effortless control with the one-touch open/close feature, allowing for easy extension and retraction. The alloy buckle installation ensures stability and prevents detachment while driving.
  • Energy Efficiency: By reducing interior heat, our sunshade helps conserve energy by allowing the air conditioning system to operate more efficiently, potentially saving up to 2 degrees of electricity per day.
  • Premium Construction: Constructed with car-grade fabric and a 5-layer composite material, including a light-blocking film and durable bottom fabric, our sunshade is resistant to dirt, wear, and sun exposure, ensuring long-lasting performance without noise or discomfort while driving.
  • High-Quality Motor: Equipped with a high-quality JP Nedic motor, our sunshade offers reliable performance with a power output of 65W and noise levels below 50dba. No less than 20,000 cycles, you can trust in its durability and longevity.

Dimensions: 1414*89*1115mm | Net Weight: 11.4kg | 

From unparalleled sun protection and seamless integration to energy efficiency and ease of use, this electric sunshade is designed to exceed your expectations at every turn. Elevate your journey with our sunshade and discover a new level of comfort and convenience on the road.

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