7inch HP Series 20W White Laser LEP Flashlight With Red Filter

Color: Blue Electroplating
Prix réduit$199.00 USD


The HP Series 20W is a unique LEP flashlight in long-distance throw flashlights. This flashlight features a premium quality white light and laser light emitter with specialized optical lenses and a source module. Available in three colors and reaching up to 1955 yards, the high-power HP Series 20W LEP flashlight is great for search & rescue, outdoorsmen, industrial workers, & military members. 

  • OMINI white laser emitting technology, HP Series 20W Lep Flashlight
  • Multi-functional integrated side switch, user friendly
  • Three brightness modes ranging from 40 to 55 lumens, as well as both strobe and SOS functions that are easily accessible via the rotary twist head
  • Capable of producing 400 lumens, max throw of 1955 yards
  • Powered by high-performance 32650 battery, 2.5h fast charging
  • 6000 MaH USB type C rechargeable battery cell
  • IPX7 waterproof rate, Withstands 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, splash, rain or snow, shower
  • Come with spare O-Ring seals

User-friendly Switch & 5 Light Modes
No need to decipher complicated user manuals - this HP Series 20W flashlight is user-friendly and only has one switch that can access all brightness levels. When you get the flashlight, remove the insulating film before the first usage. One solid press activates the light and short taps cycle the light from low, mid, high, strobe, and SOS modes. You should consider this flashlight usable beyond 10 feet. On low setting, the flashlight can be used for close quarters, but on high it’s almost too much to look at. On max setting, this light can produce 400 lumens capable of reaching almost 5,800 feet(equal to 1955 yards) away. You can use our HP Series LEP flashlights for search, wildlife search, hunting, or just use it as a location beacon. Light it up in the sky to let people know where you are. This is an excellent tool when you are lost somewhere.

RUNTIME 2h45m 4h 8h45m
DISTANCE 1788m 1265m 692m
INTENSITY 800,000kcd 400,000kcd 100,000kcd

NOTE: Do not look directly at the light source or shine to the eyes, it may cause temporary blindness or permanent damage to the eyes.

Lithium Ion Power
Powered by a high-performance 32650 battery, the HP Series 20W can last up to 8 hours on low and 2.5 hours on high. The flashlight also comes with a 6000 MaH USB type C rechargeable battery cell, and the battery needs to be taken out of the flashlight to charge it. When charging, the positive terminal of the battery will display a red indicator light; when charging is complete, a green indicator light will appear. Thanks to the hidden charging design and the O-ring seal, the flashlight has an IPX7 waterproof rate. Come with a red filter, it can be used to help map reading at night or for hunting.

LEP Technology
The HP Series features a groundbreaking technology known as "LEP" – Laser Excited Phosphor. This signifies a departure from traditional LED modules that emit light directly from the front. Instead, LEP utilizes a blue laser that initially stimulates a phosphor material, "reflecting" blue light and then emitting white light through a series of lenses. The result is an incredibly compact spotlight with an extended throw, surpassing LED flashlights of comparable size.
Due to LEP being a novel technology, the components and materials of LEP flashlights differ significantly from standard LEDs. The cost of laser emitters, phosphor components, precise optics and component alignment far exceed those of LEDs. When all 400 lumens are focused on a single point, the performance is nothing short of astonishing. That's why a flashlight comes close to $200. If you have this flashlight in your search and rescue toolbox or glove compartment for nocturnal wildlife exploration, it undoubtedly offers substantial value for the investment.

What's included:
LED Flashlight*1
USB type C Charging Cable*1
Lanyard with Push Button*1
Spare O-ring seal*2
Red Filter*1
User Manual

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