4inch T32 Series Combo Beam LED Work Light Bars(Set/2pcs)

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Looking to add some LED lighting to the sides, rear, or even the front of your vehicle? Look no further! Our 4-inch LED work light bars are the ideal solution for all your lighting needs.

Sold in pairs, each 4-inch LED Lightbar is equipped with 20 ultra-bright LEDs expertly placed within specially designed reflector cups. This design ensures an exceptional flood of light that can surround your vehicle or illuminate your campsite. These versatile lights are perfect for various applications, whether you need powerful reverse lights, side or rear-mounted camping lights, or extra front-facing light spread by angling them on your bullbar.

Crafted with a robust die-cast alloy housing and integrated passive cooling fins, these lights are built to withstand the toughest conditions. They come with an impressive IP68 rating, making them waterproof up to one meter for an hour. In other words, these lights are not just up for the challenge, but they also have the durability to go the distance.

Enhance your vehicle's lighting capabilities with our 4-inch LED work light bars, and light up your adventures like never before!

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