2inch MT Series Mini Motorcycle Lights With Wire Harness For 1inch Tube

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Find the best motorcycle lighting options at the best prices to illuminate the road around you. Adhering to the principle of multi-scene use, we have launched the latest MT series, a two-color dual-beam auxiliary light specially used for motorcycle tubular brackets. Different from other dual-beam bi-color lights, MT lights have 5 light modes, and can be switched with the included wiring harness. It can be installed upright or upside down.


  • Custom designed TIR optics direct 70° high and low beam
  • 6000K white beam and 3000K yellow beam
  • 5 light modes switchable via in-box wiring harness
  • High Intensity Series 2 Color SMD LEDs, Output 2300lm/21W per Pod
  • Adjustable stainless steel swivel bracket with 2 mounting options
  • IP68 waterproof lights withstand the most extreme environments
  • Aerodynamically designed aluminum housing style keeps LEDs cool and prevents loss of light output due to overheating

White&Yellow And HIGH&LOW Beam
ou may be wondering why we introduced the Dual Beam Bi-Colour Lamp. Most auxiliary lights on the market only have one light mode for one purpose. But the dual-beam dual-color lights not only replace the weaker factory fog lights with yellow low beams, but the white beams make up for the existing headlight high beams. One light can handle both driving situations and save the budget. Additionally, the MT Series can provide a wide field of view and high intensity output throughout the entire 70-degree range. It is a great upgrade to any factory bike fog light and will completely illuminate the area in front of your vehicle.
The MT pod is designed to provide versatility that sets our riders apart. All MT pods are available in cool white and yellow. White is a 6000K color temperature, perfect for everyday use. Yellow has a color temperature of 3000K, perfect for high contrast in bad weather or a unique look on the road. You will get 5 light patterns from these stylish lights, they are Single Yellow Beam, Single White Beam, Flashing Yellow Beam, Alternate Flashing Yellow Beam, and Combination Yellow and White Beam. Press the switch once to get single yellow beam, single white beam, flashing yellow beam, alternately flashing yellow beam, and double-click the switch to get yellow and white combined beam. Long press the switch 3S to turn on/off the light. Installing a set of MT Series not only looks cool, but it also helps other riders see your bike when they're next to you.

Stylish Design, Durable
They're bright, durable, and draw less power from your bike's electrical system. The MT series adopts dual-color high-power chips and BIFOCAL optical lens, each group of 42W power can emit up to 4600lm white/yellow light output. The MT Series features an extremely durable, weather-resistant housing die-cast from high-grade aluminum and featuring unbreakable bifocal lenses. The aerodynamically designed aluminum housing style keeps the LEDs cool, preventing loss of light output from overheating. Comes with gimbal ring bracket, The MT series can be installed upright or flipped on a 1-inch tubular bracket. The stainless steel switch is easy to control without taking off your gloves, tighten the screw to install it next to the handlebar. The custom 90" long wiring harness is durable and can be installed with household tools. Quickly mount these MT Series lights to your motorcycle so you can see and be seen.

What's in the package

  • Includes 2 lights with gimbal brackets, wiring harness, screws and bolts.


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