UTV Side View Mirrors With Amber Turn Signal Lights For 1.5-2 inch Rollbar

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Most UTVs do not come with side-view mirrors. Without rear mirrors, you can face a lot of difficulties while checking on your buddies and trying to back up. This rugged side-view mirror not only offers a full view of what's going on behind you, but also provides impressive off-road illumination. 


  • Adds both style and safety to your offroading adventures
  • Perfectly fits 1.5inch-2inch roll cage without shaking
  • Equipped with white&green LEDs and amber turn signal
  • Boasting a durable cast 6063 aluminum housing and a shatter-resistant safety glass
  • Supports 180° horizontal rotation and 360° vertical rotation
  • Designed with high clarity UV protected, blue anti-glare tint
  • Ultra-tough aluminum housing with U-type mounting brackets
  • Off Road Use Only

The UTV Side View Mirrors have three kinds of LED lights, the white&green LEDs and amber turn signals, which provide peripheral illumination to the mid-forward and side ground areas around the UTV.
The White Light mode is used for maximum illumination, providing bright lighting around the vehicle when needed. White Light is used for lighting up the mid-forward area not covered by headlights or light bars, increasing the peripheral illumination.
Green Light is used for preserving night vision and providing more visual acuity and better differentiation between colors at low-light levels. At the same time, it's easy for users to navigate in the dark without sacrificing night vision or giving away their position. The deer was sensitive to white and yellow light, but less startled by green light.

Are you ready to conquer the trails by upgrading the must-have rear-view mirror? Boasting a durable cast 6063 aluminum housing and shatter-resistant safety glass, UTV heavy-duty adjustable side view mirrors with lights are corrosion resistant, great for all weather conditions.
The rear-view mirrors can be easily attached to your UTV or side-by-side's rails, giving your rig awesome lighting along with a full view behind. This mirror can be adjusted backward or forward to obtain a satisfactory viewing angle. It supports 120° horizontal rotation and 360° vertical rotation.
The housing tightly attaches to your UTV using a 1.5" to 2" adjustable tube mount with a breakaway joint, perfectly fits the roll cage without shaking. Easy to install and keep the mirror stable at all times. The kit comes ready to install and requires no trimming, drilling or cutting. The Mirrors also feature a rugged, aggressive look that will make your toy look like one of the best things out there on the trail.

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