COLIGHT RGB Rock Lights 210 Degrees Wide Angle With Remote/App Controller
Rock light is the small light mounted in a hard shell, which improves visibility at night by illuminating directly below the vehicle. They are usually placed under the body of the vehicle to illuminate the space below the vehicle. Rock lights come in a variety of styles. Some rock lights are static single-color bulbs, others have RGB color-changing LEDs, and you can increase their number to improve illumination.

For example, COLIGHT RGB Rock Lights are invavilable in a set of 4, 6, 8 and 12 pieces. Each Rock light come with a 3 meters wire which allows you connect them one by one. The housing of the light is usually rugged aluminum and the lens material is a durable polycarbonate lens that can withstand physical damage, weather problems, and even long-term wear and tear to meet the conditions that off-roaders are looking for.

Rock Light Advantages:

  • 210 degree beam angle, easy to install
  • 178 RGB + chasing + turn signal brake light
  • Easy Control, Remote+APP Control
  • Add interest and beautify your truck
  • Can see obstacles in time, others can also see you better (enough brightness to light up the trail ahead)
  • Better waterproof and weather resistant, high durability, in line with the off-road environment
  • Let you check the road for rocks or bumps that you can avoid

Installation of rock lights on different vehicles

On Jeeps

Mainly mounted underneath the vehicle. This allows the driver to be aware of any debris or obstacles on the road. It also protects the vehicle from being hit by any rocks on the road.

On Trucks

Choose a place where you can drill holes and mount them securely. Placement can be at the bottom, underneath, in front or in a rare position on the truck. Remember that the brackets should all be securely fastened so that they don‘t come off.


Installed on both sides of the ATV & UTV, the extra wires can be hidden under the seat. When the wires pass through the seat, remember to stay away from the exhaust unit to avoid melting the wires. Drill two holes where you need to install the rock light and bolt them in place.

How to install COLIGHT RGB Rock Lights?

Step1: Mount the LED light pods using the radial rubber grommet.

Lights should be mounted in a location where they do not come into contact with suspension, tires, or the road.

Step2: Route and connect the light cables to the RGB module making sure to avoid interference with the suspension or any moving parts.

How to control the Rock Lights?

APP Control: Scan application OR Code or go to Google or APP Store search for the application PRO RGB and download it. 

(Please refer to the APP operation guide of the setting page in the APP)


Befor buy it, you should kow If rock lights require a longer wiring time. Installing them underneath the vehicle and laying a lot of wire, so you may need to spend more time. Also, when you mount the lights to the UTV, it may be more difficult.

Rock lights become dirty during outdoor adventures, please clean their surfaces quickly and keep them in a clean state. Prevent heat from building up inside and melting the lens.


1. Where is the best place to install rock lights?

Answer: Rock lights can be installed in various places like under the vehicle, inside the engine bay, or on the wheels. It ultimately depends on the desired lighting effect and the vehicle’s design.

2. Can these be controlled individually? Like one red, one green, one white, etc.. or do they all stay the same color?

Answer: They can remain the same color, or they can be different colors and be in chase mode to change colors.

3. What should I do if I have purchased rock light with insufficient cable length?

Answer: You can order expansion packs for rock lights to extend them.
Before placing an order, please note that it with one lead or two leads.

4. Are they waterproof?

Answer: Waterproof is IP68, but it's not recommended that they be immersed in water for long periods of time.

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