What Are The Ditch Lights?

When you're driving in the dark, you'll find that any little thing can make driving more dangerous. You need to stay focused all the time and can't be distracted. Don't be afraid to hear this, installing ditch light can improve the safety of driving at night.
Installing ditch lights on your vehicle can improve your visibility while driving and help you find what to look for on dark trails. This is a great addition to any car, truck or SUV and can make a big difference when it comes to safety.

Next we'll let you know what are ditch lights, where to mount and which beam to choose.

What are Ditch Lights?

Ditch lights are small lights (usually around 3 inches), also known as cowl light/ A-pillar light. They are mounted on the hood of a truck or car, closest to the windshield to get a good, wide range of illumination. Also used to illuminate the sides of ditches or paths. Aiming them outward makes it easier for drivers to see both sides of the road.
It is recommended to use diffused/ flood beam, not spot beam. Such as COLIGHT Rob2 Pro Series, because diffused/ flood beam can illuminate the surrounding of the car to a great extent. Although spot beam's irradiation distance is very far, but cann't improve the peripheral vision and doesn't function as a ditch light.

Where to mount the ditch lights? What Kind of Ditch Light Kit Do we Have? 

Ditch Light is usually installed in the A-pillar position or hood of the car, you can install one light or two lights on each side.
If you install one light, you can adjust the light to the front or to the sides at an angle according to your needs. If you install two lights, you can have one light facing the front and the other light facing both sides. You can use the bracket to install two lights at the same time. You can get both front lighting and view both sides of the road, which also enhances the appearance of your car.

Such as COLIGHT Rob2 Pro Series, You can selected the yellow/ diffused or flood beam as ditch light. For more illumination, you can use a combination beam. @zr2vince used two pairs of Rob2 Pro Series for Ditch light, also makes the car look cooler!

Of course ditch light bracket setup is also important. If your car doesn’t have the bolt holes for installation, ditch light bracket setup can solve the problem.

COLIGHT has some mounting brackets for Toyota, Jeep and Ford Bronco. If you are not one of these vehicles, don't worry, we have universal brackets that fit other vehicles.

@muhl_customs used 2007-2016 Toyota Fj Cruiser Ditch Light Hood Mounting Brackets to mount the Rob2 Pro series ditch light on the hood with the lights facing forward, and he chose the yellow spot beam, which allows for longer range lighting and he can see the road clearly.

@tread_lightly_outback used Drill-free Clamp Hood Holders Universal Mounting Brackets to mount Bulge C Series on the hood of his 2018 Subaru Outback. Lights are facing forward to get more light ahead.

We have two types of Drill-free Clamp Hood Holders Universal Mounting Brackets that make installation easier, avoid damage to your car, and also ensure that the ditch light stands securely on the hood.



2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK A-Pillar Light Mounting Brackets perfectly match that of the Jeep JK’s panel contour. Drilling free, only needs a wrench or socket and stock bolts for installation.
The length of the mounting plate allows you to mount oversized lights whose thickness can reach 3.7inch at most. Come with Rubber gaskets, used to protect your jeep from scratches due to the mounting bracket.


2021-2022 Ford Bronco Dual Lamp Mirror/Ditch Light Mounting Brackets allow you to mount 4pcs 3-5inch ditch lights by simply loosen and re-tighten the bolts. No modification or drilling required.

What's the Best Beam Pattern For Ditch Lights:

The beam pattern you choose depends a lot on where you want to illuminate.
If you want more front illumination, then a beam pattern that illuminates a relatively long distance is the best choice;
If your want to illuminate the sides of the car, then a combination beam or diffused/flood beam pattern is best.

COLIGHT offers many options for off-road lighting, including the Rob2 Pro series, DDF Series and other ditch lights.

DDF series light offers an extremely wide field of view, providing high intensity output over the entire 70 degree range, completely illuminating the area in front of your vehicle.
Rob2 Pro Series light fessional flood beam can reach 280 meters at 1lux, perfect for illuminating both sides as a ditch light.
3 Inch Amber Side Shooter Strobe Light's white spotlight will help you easily see objects in front of (or behind) you. The flashing amber light will improve visibility and allow other cars to notice you in time.

What are the advantages of ditch lights:

Increased visibility
When you are driving on dark trails, ditch lights can help you stay safe while enjoying your hobby. Ditch lights will ensure that you can easily see your surroundings. In addition, they can help you stay oriented and eliminate the possibility of you getting lost on an unmarked road.

Staying safe
When you're driving on a rural road, ditch lights can help you spot wildlife in time, thus preventing accidents and potential injuries. In addition, they can make road signs more visible and not missed.

In most cases, they go as near the windshield as possible. That way, they can provide you with the most coverage. These lights face from 60 to 120 degrees from your vehicle, increasing your peripheral visibility. In other words, they allow you to see the side of the road much more clearly.

Alert other vehicles
Installing ditch lights also makes you more visible to others on the road. As a result, they reduce the risk of accidents and crashes.

If you like adventure, find the ditch light that best suits your needs. Safe and enjoyable night riding is just a purchase away.