New 8 Gang RGB Switch Panel System With ACC Wire

8gang RGB+ACC
12gang RGB+ACC
12gang RGB+ACC+APP
12gang RGB
Prix réduit$165.00 USD


If you're searching for a cost-effective solution to manage all your accessories with a secure and isolated set of circuits and relays, your search ends here. The 8-gang RGB switch panel system is priced under $200, and its construction and quality give the impression that it could easily compete with higher-priced alternatives. This solution provides an economical yet high-quality way to manage up to 8 auxiliary LED lights or electrical devices on your 4WD, SUV, camper, or truck.

  • Control up to 8 different led lights or electrical devices
  • Two 30A circuits, two 20A circuits, two 15A circuits and Two 10A circuits
  • 80 Amp circuit breaker, Maximum Current 80A input
  • Build-in solid-state relay for faster response time and lower energy consumption
  • 3 functions/Silicone Buttons on the switch panel: memory function, Brightness Adjustment Button, RGB Color Adjustment Button
  • 8 single colors to change and 5-level brightness adjustment
  • 140 self-adhesive labels
  • Extra 5 spare fuses for easy replacement
  • Two wiring options on the control box: connect to ACC or battery

Compact and Stylish RGB Switch Panel:
Measuring just 5x2.7 inches, the RGB switch panel, similar in size to an adult male's palm, minimizes the need for extra switches on the dashboard, providing a clean and organized interior for your vehicle. The sleek brushed aluminum body and adjustable RGB backlight display enhance both aesthetics and functionality. The 8 Buttons can be visually customized with 140 self-adhesive labels.

Customizable Illumination and Icons:
Enhance your driving experience with three silicone buttons for ON/OFF, brightness adjustment, and RGB color adjustment. Choose from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 10% brightness levels, tailoring the lighting to your preferences. Long-pressing the brightness button activates Constant light mode (white), Momentary mode (red), or Pulsed mode (blue). Easily switch between eight single colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white) with a short press of the "RGB" key. Personalize your setup with 140 included label stickers and icons for easy identification and control.

ACC or Battery Wiring Options:
The RGB 8 Gang switch panel offers two wiring options: connect to ACC or battery. The control box features a button switch for easy and safe toggling between ACC or battery power. Come with a 1.5m wire in the package, the switch panel also supports two installation modes: vertical or horizontal, allowing flexibility in positioning the control box and switch panel.

Stability, Safety, Simplicity:
Crafted from robust brushed aluminum, this universal switch panel is designed to endure the rigors of off-road adventures. The updated circuit design accommodates two 30A circuits, two 20A circuits, two 15A circuits, and two 10A circuits, catering to various lighting applications. Control up to eight lighting devices, such as LED light bars, round driving lights, rock lights, whips, and horns. Safety features include a circuit breaker that automatically stops lighting when exceeding the maximum 80A current to prevent faults. Built-in self-resetting fuse, reverse polarity protection, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection ensure stability and safety. The fuse adapter allows easy connection to the vehicle's fuse box without cutting, splicing, or damaging the original wiring. The smartest switch panel comes with two different mounting brackets and necessary hardware, preparing you for future adventures.

Upgrade your control game with the most intelligent and versatile switch panel on the market. Get ready for a new level of convenience, customization, and reliability on your off-road journeys.

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