COLIGHT 12 Gang RGB Switch Panel Power System

Are you still using the 8 Gang Switch Panel System? With the increase of lights you want to add, you should feel that the 8 Gang Switch Panel System can no longer meet your needs. Now, the 12 Gang RGB Switch Panel System is coming!

When you go on an off-road adventure, you definitely need multiple lights to add safety and fun to your outdoor adventure. You can imagine turning on 12 Gang RGB switch panel when you are driving on a secluded trail and it will appear with different colors of lights to make your car colorful. The 12 Gang RGB switch panel system is the perfect accessory for when you are off-road. Do you know the difference between 12 Gang RGB switch panel and 8 Gang switch panel? Next we will tell you the difference between the two switch panels and related installation knowledge.

When you receive it, you will get the following parts:

  • 1X 12gang switch panel
  • 1X circuit fuse box
  • 2 types mounting brackets
  • 50X self adhesive labels
  • 1X 100A circuit breaker
  • 3X wires, Cable ties, Screw

The difference between 8 Gang & 12 Gang RGB Switch panel:

1. RGB Switch Panel

8 Gang Switch panel only has a single blue background and no brightness adjustment function. When you feel the brightness is high or low, you can't adjust the brightness according to your needs. But 12 Gang RGB Switch panel meet these needs. You can not only switch between the fade/jump/breath functions by long pressing the "RGB" key on the switch panel, but also short pressing the "RGB" key can switch between 8 monochromatic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. When you want to adjust the panel brightness, you can choose 5 levels of brightness adjustment of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% to provide you with the most comfortable visual brightness while driving.

2. Memory Function


When you go off-road, the rugged mountain road makes more concentrated on forward motion. When you open the switch panel, you definitely want the light mode to be the one you are used to using, so you can save time to adjust and focus on the adventure. 8 Gang Switch panel has no memory function, after closing the light reverts to the initial mode. But 12 Gang RGB Switch panel has a memory function, turn off and then turn on again to get the last light mode. It can bring convenience to your adventure.

3. Circuit Design


With the continuous upgrade of off-road, the lights already installed on your truck cann't meet your adventure requirements, you must want to add more lights on your truck. But 8 Gang Switch panel only has 2*5A, 2*10A, 2*20A, 2*30A, you can just control 8 different auxiliary lights or electrical devices.

12 Gang RGB Switch panel has 4*10A, 2*15A, 2*20A, 4*30A, you can control up to 12 different LED lights or electrical devices, and when the lighting system exceeds the maximum 100A, the circuit breaker will automatically stop the current flow to avoid malfunction.


1. ON/OFF switch has a memory function, there is a memory function after power failure?
Anwser: The previous memory mode will be cleared after power failure. After power on, it will return to the most original mode.

2. Do I need a relay to connect an accessory?
Answer: It build-in solid state relay, connect the main power cable to the battery and ground, then connect the control panel and activate it.

3. How to open the switch panel strobe mode?
Answer:Long press the middle button, enter the setting mode, press the red button, then short press the middle button, the blue background appears, it's strobe mode.

4. Is the hardware stainless or will it rust?
Answer:Backed with a rugged brushed aluminum body, won't rust. Tainless, good quality system.

5. Where is it suitable for installation? What can be installed?
Answer:This 12 Gang RGB switch panel system allows you to control up to 12 different auxiliary LED lights or electrical devices for 4WDs, SUVs, Caravans, and Trucks.

Installation steps

Please refer to Blog - How to install Colight 8 gang switch panel?

How to install Colight 8 gang switch panel?

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    • Make sure that the battery is disconnected during the installation. Connect the black ground wire directly to the Negative terminal of the battery.
    • We recommend installing relays on all high current draw components.
    • Don‘t replace the supplied fuse with one with a higher current rating. Doing so may overload the circuit and result in a fire.
    • Don’t modify the switch panel communications cable.
    • Don‘t use the 12 gang RGB switch panel system to control a winch. Use the winch manufacturer’s supplied device.

    IF you have multiple products that all need separate controls, 12 Gang RGB switch panel is without a doubt the answer for you. You should consider getting one, and if you don’t get one of COLIGHT’s panels, you may be making the worst mistake of your life.

    Easy control your car lights&accessories by adding the COLIGHT 12 Gang RGB switch panel system!