Lowrider Monte Carlo Off-Road Lighting Install


When talking about off-road lights, you may think of these:jeep ditch lights

Jeep ditch lights upgrades solution

-2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK A-Pillar Light Mounting Brackets

subaru bumper 4inch light pods

2023 Subaru Forester Bumper light pods:

- 2/2.5/3inch Bull Bar Work Lamp Clip Tube Bracket

truck bed light pods dual color beam

Ram TRX Truck Bed lighting builds:

-Universal Ditch Light Mounting Brackets

chase lights on the top

Toyota top roof chase lights builds:

-2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Hood Ditch Light Mounting Brackets

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For classic cars, people often have a conservative impression and don't typically link them to off-road vehicle lights. Usually, they might consider some upgrades to their headlights. However, an increasing number of modification enthusiasts have their unique ideas about installing LED off-road vehicle lights, resulting in impressive outcomes. Today, we've sincerely invited an excellent modification blogger to conduct a fantastic lighting upgrade.

SlickWorks(Mike)-Check the full review video

off road lights display detail

If you want to get some different light beam pattern but don't want to buy a lot, you can purchase its replacement lens to achieve it:)And also for more good protection, the Rob2 pro lights have black light cover to prevent the water or dusty.It's king of cost performance definitely! 

Rob2 pro lights set& accessories 

review video for 4inch light pods offroad

The installation of the Rob2 pro isn't influenced by the light pattern; they can be installed facing either forward or backward. To achieve a better installation, Mike opted to install the lights sideways. This allows the bottom bracket to make effective contact with the edge of the grille.

fit the lights on the grille

You might be curious whether such small lights installed inside the grille would obstruct most of the light. The yellow color has a very strong penetrative ability, delivering not only excellent illumination but also creating a marvelous visual effect that complements the car's appearance.

dual color beam with replaceable lens
Compare with headlight, the rob2 pro lights make up the headlight well.And the light beam not affected by the installation direction.
offroad lights test
During the trouble weather, it's regret that Mike had no chance to test driving effects, just looking forward to showcase it in the next video!
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