kangaroos roaming at night when lights not good

Have you ever met this situation? Because of poor lighting, you cannot timely notice the kangaroos roaming at night, leading to kangaroos jumping onto your car hood.

Australia is a country with a rich variety of wildlife, especially at night, when wild animals may suddenly appear on the roads. It's important to be extra cautious, especially when driving in rural and remote areas. Clearly, a light with a far-reaching and focused beam is highly necessary.

led light bar kit laser


Multi Spot-projector Module Dual Row Laser Light Bar dual row innovative hooded reflector design with rear-facing LEDs,the state-of-the-art spot projector and dual-row OSRAM P8 LEDs will increases when the size is up.And it include two separate mounting options.(Fixed bottom mount brackets and side brackets)

The rectangular hooded reflectors distribute a wide beam in the mid-long field, the brightness increased by more than 50% compared to the traditional straight reflectors.


  • COLIGHT LASER (12″ – 52″ options): Check Price
  • Lumens: 19600lm-lux@890mm
  • Wattage: 52 Inch-345w/40 OSRAM P8 LEDs
  • IP Rating Ip68
  • Package includes 1x light bar with side brackets, 15cm female DTP-2 pin connector, rubbers, screws and bolts.

NOTE: The 12/22inch are DT connectors, you can choose the 16AWG DT wire harness with one lead to wire the light bar. Please note, the 32"/42"/52" are DTP 2pin connector. The connector is thick than the normal DT connector.


For allowing you to truly experience the charm of this light, we invited an Australian off-road enthusiast and a expert in automotive lighting modifications "Mongrel Dog Productions" to help us with a real review.

Steve bought a light bar long time ago, during the usage period, he found it lost some of its effectiveness,it has got moisture inside.(Colight laser Dust & Particle tight + Water-proof up to 1 meter for 1 hour:)

So we shipped him the laser light bar, let's check his review below.


Package includes 1x light bar with 4mm thick 304 series stainless side brackets, bottom brackets ,wire harness kit, rubbers, screws and bolts.You won't need to purchase extra accessories anymore.

old led light bar removeable

Steve didn't want to change the existing wires through the firewall for the new light bar,he found under the dashboard have an initial instore of the light bar, so what he did is cutting&solder the wire cables.Check below picture to help you find the place.find the wire harness on toyota

Tips: Shrink wrapped the loom to make it look a bit neater.

You can connect the light bar on your engine battary, but please be sure to disconnect the cranking battary and then can take the existing light bar off, you will know the reason.And we prepare 2 types brackets for installing in case of you meet problems when the holes cannot match the brackets.

Steve cannot use bottom brackets as the holes cannot match the brackets well, but he screwed another 2 holes to install the side brackets.The lights bigger enough to cover the holes lol.

Ok well done the wiring and fitting, let's check what its performence when driving in the dark outside.

off road light test in the dark

Here you can see there a clear square light beam in front of the car,it can light up close brighter and get bigger with the light bar size. And the spot beam is outstanding output, this 22'' light bar 1 lux@650m, 6790 lumens/144W, 52'' light bar can reach 1 lux@890m/19600 lumens/345W.

driving lights led light bar for off road

Indeed, it has proven to provide excellent auxiliary lighting for nighttime illumination.

spot beam far away

Here you can see clearly where the spot beam distribution, and it also provides good lighting on both sides.

The above is some information about the light's performance and real-world reviews. Steve greatly enjoys this light, and he will be taking it on long-distance off-road trips in the future. Let's look forward to its even better performance.

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