COLIGHT 3inch LA5 Series: Enhance Your Motorcycle's Visibility

Are you looking to make your motorcycle more noticeable on the road, especially during daytime rides? Look no further! In this blog post, we will introduce COLIGHT's latest 3inch LA5 Series through a YouTube video by @Living Off The Slab, aimed at enhancing rider visibility and safety.

Last year, @Living Off The Slab installed the Rob 2 Pro driving lights from COLIGHT on his Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer, primarily to make myself more visible on the road. These lights have served him well. He recently got the LA5 series lights to upgrade his motorcycle lights!

Why the Upgrade?

The LA5 series lights boast five LEDs and three different beam patterns integrated into one lens, promising enhanced visibility and versatility. Unlike the Rob 2 Pro lights, which offered a single diffuse pattern, the LA5 lights provide a broader range of illumination. The bottom two LEDs offer a wide-angle diffuse pattern for close-range visibility, while the top LEDs deliver a flood pattern for mid-range coverage, and a spotlight for long-range visibility, extending up to 300 ft ahead.

Performance Assessment

During testing, the LA5 series lights performed remarkably well. They effectively illuminate the road ahead up to 5 to 600 feet, matching the performance of higher-priced alternatives. It's worth noting that the LA5 headlights provide a wider coverage area near the bike, making them an ideal choice for illuminating the surrounding environment, whereas the beam of the headlights used for comparison is more concentrated.

Installation and Wiring Considerations

While the installation of the lights themselves is straightforward, requiring only basic wiring, ensuring the selection of the right harness for motorcycle application is crucial. Opting for a motorcycle-specific harness (including horn wiring options) ensures seamless integration and tailored functionality for bike use. In the video, used the 16AWG DT Connector Motorcycle Horn-Triggered Flashing Wire Assembly is utilized, adding another layer of visibility, particularly useful in traffic or parade situations.

If you want to install them on a car, remember to choose a harness suitable for cars.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, COLIGHT LA5 driving lights offer an enticing combination of affordability, performance, and versatility. While their long-term durability remains to be seen, initial impressions suggest they provide excellent value for money. For riders seeking to enhance their visibility on the road without breaking the bank, the LA5 series lights present a compelling option worth considering.

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer to motorcycle accessories, COLIGHT LA5 series lights deserve a spot on your radar. With their impressive performance and budget-friendly price tag, they might just be the upgrade your ride needs for safer and more enjoyable journeys ahead.

The following products are included in the video:
LA5 Series:
Horn-Triggered Flashing Wire: motorcycle
1.25-2 inch Roll Cage LED Light Bar Mounting Brackets: Brackets