How To Install COLIGHT 3 Inch DB-P Series Motorcycle Lights?

Welcome to the COLIGHT DB-P Series, where innovation meets illumination!

We often receive questions about "how to install the DB-P Series Motorcycle Lights?" As the inquiries continue to grow, we realize the urgent need to write a blog post to guide users on the installation process. In this blog, we'll teach you how to install 3-inch DB-P motorcycle lights. Let's dive in.

Unboxing Your DB-P Series Lights

Upon receiving your DB-P Series lights, you'll find a thoughtfully curated package that includes:

  • 3-inch DB-P Series lights
  • Specially designed motorcycle tubes
  • Folding U brackets
  • Custom wire harness with decoders
  • Mounting screws

Understanding Dual-Beam Light Performance

Before diving into the installation, let's understand the power of dual-beam light performance. The DB-P Series offers a dual-beam lamp that allows you to seamlessly switch between a wide, bright driving illumination and a focused spot beam. This flexibility is a game-changer, especially during foul-weather driving, long-distance travel, or navigating challenging terrains.
The DB-P Series comes with two mounting options - motorcycle tubes and folding U brackets. Choose the option that suits your preferences and motorcycle design. These brackets are designed not only for secure installation but also to provide flexibility in placing the lights exactly where you want them.
The custom wire harness included in the package opens up a world of possibilities. With the DB-P Series, you can enjoy five distinct light modes:

  • Yellow wide beam
  • White spot beam
  • Combo beam
  • Strobe Alternately 
  • strobe at the same time

The lights have two beam mode options: “White&White beam” and “Yellow&White beam” allowing you to choose according to your preferences.

Wiring Instructions

As shown in the diagram, the wiring harness has two interfaces (plug-and-play, with strong waterproof performance).
Connect each of the two lights to the corresponding interfaces. The thick red wire and thin red wire should both be connected to the positive terminal of the motorcycle power source, and the thick black wire should be connected to the negative terminal of the power source. (If colors do not match, refer to the wire thickness and length for guidance.)
Note: The thin black wire does not need to be connected(it’s used to receive switch signals")

Installation Steps

  1. Prepare Your Motorcycle: Ensure your motorcycle is turned off, and the battery is disconnected for safety.
  2. Choose Mounting Option: Decide whether you'll use the motorcycle tubes or folding U brackets based on your preference and motorcycle design.
  3. Secure Brackets: Mount the brackets securely in the chosen location, ensuring they are tightly fastened.
  4. Attach DB-P Lights: Install the DB-P Series lights onto the brackets using the provided screws. Make sure the lights are firmly in place.
  5. Connect Wire Harness: Follow the wiring diagram in the instructions to connect the custom wire harness.
  6. Adjust Illumination Angle: Utilize the folding U brackets and motorcycle bottom mounting tubes to adjust the lamp illumination angle up or down by 15 degrees. This allows you to fine-tune the light pattern according to your preference.
  7. Test Lights: Before hitting the road, test each light mode to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Congratulations! You've successfully installed the DB-P Series motorcycle lights. Now, you're ready to hit the road with confidence, enjoying the dual-beam light performance and versatile illumination options. Illuminate your journey and ride on with the power of the DB-P Series!