Everything You Need to Know About Replaceable Lens For CO LIGHT Rob2/Rob2 Pro Series

Everyone should be no stranger to the COLIGHT 4inch Rob2 & Rob2 Pro Series. In order for people to DIY their lights quickly and economically, so we launched the replaceable Lens separately, special for CO LIGHT Rob2 and Rob2 Pro series lights. These replaceable Lenses have 4 types, they are yellow flood and yellow spot, white flood and white spot.
You can change the color and light pattern of light by simply changing lenses. The next section of the blog will guide you on how to choose the right replaceable lens, making your adventures more versatile.

What Is Replaceable Lenses?

Replaceable lenses for car lights refer to a design within the automotive lighting system that allows for the interchange of different types or colors of lenses, thereby altering the illumination and appearance of the vehicle's lights. This design offers increased flexibility and personalized choices for drivers. They can select appropriate lenses based on various driving conditions, such as using yellow lenses to reduce glare during nighttime driving or amber lenses for improved visibility in foggy conditions.
These lenses are typically made from polycarbonate, sharing a similar genetic makeup with riot shields and fighter jet canopies, rendering them nearly indestructible. Replaceable lenses for car lights empower drivers with greater control over the vehicle's aesthetics and lighting effects, making the automotive lighting system more adaptable to different driving conditions.

How to Choose Replaceable Lenses?

Clear Lenses (6000K):
Function: For normal driving conditions, providing a standard lighting effect without changing the color of the light.
Yellow Lenses (3000K):
Function: For driving in rain or snow and at night, reduces glare and improves contrast and visibility.

Flood Beam:
Scenario: Flood is suitable for providing a wide range of illumination in low visibility situations, such as driving on foggy, rainy or snow-covered roads. It illuminates a wider area and improves overall visibility, and is also useful for city driving and on country roads with a lot of curves.
Diffused Beam:
Scenarios: The Diffused type is used in situations where a soft, even light is desired, such as city streets, indoor parking lots, or nighttime driving on roads with other vehicles. It helps to reduce strong shadows and provides more comfortable lighting.
Spot Beam:
Scenarios: Spot is suitable for situations where focus is required from a distance, such as driving on highways, mountain roads or where more powerful headlights are needed. It produces a more defined and focused beam, providing illumination over longer distances.
You can choose according to your actual needs. If you often go on adventures, it is recommended that all types of interchangeable lenses can be ordered to change your lights at any time.

How To Change?

  1. Unscrew the screws and remove the panel
  2. Prepare the lens you want to replace
  3. Replace the new lens, adjust the position, lnstallation panel
  4. The installation is complete

When you replace the lens by yourself, please assemble the rubber gasket in the right place. The rubber gasket is the most important part of waterproofing.


The replaceable lens for car headlights introduces an unprecedented level of flexibility and personalization for drivers. Clear/yellow and spot/diffused/flood beam replaceable lenses provide headlights with additional functionalities and adaptability, enabling drivers to tailor their lighting system according to diverse driving conditions and personal preferences.
Whether pursuing a customized exterior appearance or seeking an enhanced level of driving safety, the replaceable lens for car headlights offers drivers an innovative and practical option. Throughout the journey of driving, let us illuminate the road ahead together with the car headlight replaceable lens, creating a driving experience that is not only safer but also tailored to individual preferences.