Brand New Upgraded Bluetooth App-Controlled 8/12 Gang Switch Podsl with ACC

When you install a switch pods in your car, do you worry about that some devices may still consume battery power after cutting off the power?Do you sometimes wish only 1 phone could help you control all your lighting or devices?The upgraded Colight bluetooth app-control 8/12 gang RGB control panel coming, with an additional ACC connection wire for enhanced functionality. It supports Bluetooth control via the app on both Apple and Android devices, making your driving experience safer and more comfortable!

For those who have been following us, you may remember that we previously invited a professional electrical wiring youtuber to do a full and genuine evaluation of our 12 gang control panel. We just invited him again to test our latest version of the switch panel and provide honest feedback. Jeremy who has tested both our old and new versions of the control panel, undoubtedly he offers the most clear and real opinions for the comparison.

Watch Jeremy's full review videos below:

package detail about the switch

What will you receive?

When you receive the package you will receive 1x switch panel, 1x relay box, 1x installation kit, 1x 80A circuit breaker protector, 5x wiring harness,2 types brackets&screws, 140 pcs DIY stickers, 10x zip ties, and 1 user's manual.

fuses amp and quantity

For the fuses box, there are 2x 30A, 2 x20A, 2 x15A, and 2x 10A fuses, with an additional gift of 5 replacement fuses of various amperages.

application for the colorful switch pods

The switch panel can be applied to various area, including LED lights, fuel pumps, windows, speakers, and more. This 8 gang switch pods can control up to 8 LED lights or electronic devices the same time in your 4x4, SUV, camper van, or truck. For more control needs like van,you may need 12 gang version to get more functions. It features latching mode which you can do some parking lights or let anything open all the time except you close it, and strobe mode which can set up signal lights or something else you want to give them a little strobe effects.And for momentary mode, as soon as you push it on it stays on and then when you let it go it turn off.

connect the acc wire

The new version add ACC&battary power exchange switch, you can free to switch any mods you need.When you turn on ACC power if you not connect the ACC wires it won't have any current in the switch until you connect it.

Why need ACC?

For some negtive switch, if you fit them it may need you change your original electric wiring ,generally for most American car model.If have the ACC you wont worry about the switch still consume your battery power though you turn off all the power.

80 amp circut breker

There will be a circuit breaker with a maximum rated current of 80A is installed. If you exceed this rated value, the circuit breaker will quickly disconnect to protect your circuit from damage. Unfortunately, in Jeremy's video, the circuit breaker broke during transportation when the screw was impacted. If you meet a similar situation, feel free to contact our customer service to request the related  replacement parts. We appreciated to hear more suggestions for Colight's further progress, and we are committed to providing comprehensive and sincere after-sales service to ensure more safe and satisfied shopping experience for you.

colorful rgb adjustment with app control

It's worth mentioning that the biggest feature of the new version is the option of two control methods: Bluetooth app or panel control. The RGB background color and brightness are adjustable, and you can also adjust the strobe speed to offer more DIY functionality.

Check the switch detail:

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