Universal Single 9inch Proctive Cover For Led Round Driving Light

Color: Black
Sale price$15.99 USD


  • Designed to fit COLIGHT 9″ Round Driving Lights ONLY. Fit for Mars Series 9" Light, Fighter Series 9" Light, 9inch Laser Lights, and Cannon Series 9" Light. but Do Not Fit 9" DenseX series and 9" Crystal Series. 
  • These durable polycarbonate protective covers are made from high-quality. It can provide effective resistance against rocks and debris and maintain maximum beam output.  
  • All Driving light covers feature the distinctive COLIGHT logo.
  • Now available in two different colors----the black and amber covers.
  • Amber covers are used to enhance vision when off-road driving through haze and dust. Just a quick snap-on, it's easy to transform your light output from white to amber.
  • Sold individually.

CO LIGHT 9inch Protective Cover Fitment

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