Heavy Duty Spring Mounts For Fat Whip Lights(Pair/2pcs)

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Do you have trouble bending through low branches and tunnels? Or do you need to provide additional mounts for different vehicles? Special for COLIGHT fat whip lights(1.75” diameter), these spring mounts can effectively protect your whip light or antenna from breaking easily when encountering low branches, tunnels, eaves, strong winds, and more, dispersing the tremendous and concentrated impact force through flexible bending. Additionally, their all-black design creates a factory and stealthy appearance.

Please note: COLIGHT has 2 types of whip lights, one is 0.8inch slim whip light, and another is 1.75inch fat whip light. Here is the spring mount for the fat whip light. If you need the spring mount for slim whip lights, please check here. Make sure you choose the right one.  The link to the slim whip light please check here.  COLIGHT Whip Light and Spring Mount

Sturdy, durable, and easy to install: Add flexibility and impact resistance to your LED whip with this direct screw-on Heavy Duty Spring Mount. These bases are heavy and large, providing the necessary strength to make your LED whip produce an amazing controllable swing while releasing pressure from the bottom of the whip during launches, high speeds, tree encounters, or other extreme pressure situations. The bucket-shaped spring, made of high-carbon steel material, is covered with a thick black powder coating. It is not only shock-resistant and not easily deformed but also has a smooth, waterproof, and dustproof surface that is easy to clean. Simply remove your quick-release base and replace it with the spring base, and you can complete the installation in just 1 minute. It is very easy to install and uninstall.

Applications: Compatible with most vehicles as long as there is a hole with a minimum diameter of 0.448" and a maximum diameter of 0.465" on the bottom of the vehicle or bracket for screw installation. Suitable for the COLIGHT Fat whip lights installed on UTVs, ATVs, trucks, compatible with Can-am, go-karts, golf carts, dune buggies, sand rails, ambulances, pilot cars, etc.

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