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This 12-gang switch panel system allows you to control up to 12 different auxiliary LED lights or electrical devices for 4WDs, SUVs, Caravans, and Trucks. Backed with a rugged brushed aluminum body and dimmable RGB Backlight Display, the universal 12-gang switch panel is the perfect accessory to centralize your accessories, simplifying the installation process.


  • Control up to 12 different led lights or electrical devices
  • Four 30A circuits, two 20A circuits, two 15A circuits and four 10A circuits
  • 80 Amp circuit breaker, Maximum Current 100A input
  • Build-in solid state relay
  • 3 functions/Silicone Buttons on the switch panel: memory function, Brightness Adjustment Button, rgb Color Adjustment Button
  • 8 single colors to change and 5-level brightness adjustment
  • 50 self-adhesive labels
  • 6 spare fuses

Multi-Function on the Switch Panel
With a large 5” L x 3.5” W x 0.5” H design, this 12 Switch Panel operates at 12V / 24V DC and comes with a full accessory kit for complete installation. The 12 Buttons can be visually customized with 50 self-adhesive labels. Except for the 12 buttons on the switch panel, it has 3 Silicone Buttons on the left. They are the on/off switch Button, Brightness Adjustment Button, and RGB Color Adjustment Button. With the memory function, turn on the off switch to get the last light mode.  Long press to the "RGB" key can also realize the switching of the Gradient/Jump/Breathing function. Short press the "RGB" key to switch between 8 single colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white. Also, there are also 5-level brightness adjustments of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 10%, providing you with the most comfortable visual brightness when driving.

Universal &High Performance
This universal switch panel is made with a rugged brushed aluminum body. With a large current and greater stability, the new switch panel increased by 20% more than the 8gang in size, which is safer&easier to use. The update on the circuit design allows you to connect Four 30A circuits, two 20A circuits, two 15A circuits and four 10A circuits for different lighting applications. In another word, you can control up to 12 lighting devices, such as LED light bars, round driving lights, rock lights, whips lights, horns, etc. When the lighting system exceeds the maximum 100A current, the circuit breaker will automatically stop the current flow to avoid failure. Come with two different mounting brackets and necessary hardware, this smartest switch panel is prepared for any future adventures.
Package Included:

  • 1X 12gang switch panel
  • 1X circuit fuse box
  • 2 types mounting brackets
  • 50X self adhesive labels
  • 1X 100A circuit breaker
  • 3X wires, Cable ties, Screw

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