Mars Series 5x7inch Square Led Driving Lights With DRL

Style: 1pcs
Color: 3000K Yellow
Accessories: None
Sale price$98.00 USD


With a stylish rectangular form factor for a cool look on any 4X4, SUV or ute, and great all-around performance, Mars Series Square is the latest Driving Lights from the leader in performance lighting. Designed to meet the demanding conditions of off-road and on-road travel.  If you need to order the covers, please click here. If you need the wire harness for 2 pieces of the Mars 5x7,  please click here.
Ultimate Driving Beam Pattern: When it comes to offroad lighting, there's no better value than Mars Series Square. This heavy-duty industrial aluminum LED light, provides legendary brightness at a price that's almost too good to be true. Utilizes the latest 60° hyper spot reflector and OSRAM P8 LEDs, the 5x7" Mars Series Square delivers an astonishing 1Lux@980M without compromising flood performance.

In addition to the unparalleled combination driving beam, it also has two small built-in daytime running lights. Also called forward-facing lights, designed to make vehicles more visible in the day. Two light options: white and yellow, choose the one you need.

Waterproof and Impact Resistant: Mars Series Square lights are both waterproof and impact-resistant giving them more versatility and a longer life expectancy.
The virtually indestructible Lexan lens guarantees no discoloring or cracking after years of sun abuse, likewise, the high UV and abrasion resistive paint maintain a deep black finish for years to come. Mounts Easily and Stays Secure. The Mars Series Square Driving Light has extremely well-made mounting brackets that allow it to be securely attached without wobbling or vibrating. Their IP68 ingress protection rating means they can handle a creek crossing and a high-pressure washdown after an adventure. Torture tested to ensure excellent quality, these driving lights can withstand extreme weather and harsh conditions caused by the toughest jobs.

  • Dimension: 5x7" Square
  • Driving beam and Daytime running light
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • GE Lexan Lens( Two lens options: Clear and yellow)
  • Stainless steel sealed
  • Gore breather vent – pressure equalization, anti-fogging
  • 316 Marine stainless steel bracket and fasteners
  • Waterproof Deutsch Connector
  • 10-30V DC input
  • Current Draw(Per Light): 7.5A*12V
  • Lumen(Per Light): 9800LM
  • Net Weight: 1.6kg

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