Mini-size M2 Fan Cooling LED Headlight Bulbs(Set/2pcs)

Plug Type: H1
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M2 is one of the hottest headlight bulbs in the market. Its excellent quality, light type and brightness have won a lot of praise from people, especially at an affordable price. Try this bulb now and you will get a big surprise for night travel.

M2 Series LED headlight bulb was equipped with an excellent circuit solution and a scientific hood design to present a clear cutoff line and uniform brightness. The low beam with perfect cutting line improves road safety to 99%, no glare light and it won't blind the coming driver. The high beam can reach about 150 meters far, can clearly observe the front and avoid accidents in time. A set of M2 series can produce a powerful 6000-lumen output with a white bulb color at 40w that will give you maximum down-road light! 

Another highlight is the thickness between the chip sides, it's only 0.13inch which is very thick that closer to the halogen and the height of the light source is almost the same as that of the halogen. That means M2 Series is more suitable for the reflection angle of the lamp cover of 98% car, more focused, and the farther and brighter.

M2 Series is built from the highest quality 6063 aluminum material originally designed for aircraft and spacecraft applications. This material has amazing heat dissipation qualities as well as is 100% corrosion resistance in automotive applications.

On the bottom of the heat sink lies a high-speed double ball-bearing micro-fan that is fully submersible and waterproof! If the fan stops working, the sophisticated thermal management system inside the bulb will dim the light until it is safe to use.

Mini body size, it's easy to install, no effect for the original construction, and enough space for heat dissipation after installation.


    When you install the H4 bulb, the correct installation method should be with the hood facing down, so it comes out perfect cutoff line.

    Adapter: Our bulbs are standard connectors, please buy the adapters in our store if your car needs adapters. (some cars using H7 may need adapters, especially Kia and Hyundai)

    Canbus: Error Free for 95% Cars.  (Not fit to special cars, it's better to come with the CANBUS. for example: not for all the Germany cars, Volvo, Scania, etc...) 

    • Bulbs Series: M2 Series
    • Plug Type: H1, H7, H8/H9/H11, HB3(9005), HB4(9006), H4(9003)(HB2), 9007(HB5), 9012(HIR2)
    • Power/Set: 40W
    • Voltage: DC 12V-32V
    • Lumens/Set: 6000LM
    • Beam Pattern: Hi-Lo/Single Beam
    • CANBUS Driver: No
    • Mounting Collar: 180° Adjustable
    • Color Temperature: 6000K White Light
    • Heat Dissipation Mode: Fan Cooling
    • Installation Location: Front Headlight
    • Operating temperature: -40℃ - +80℃
    • Life Span: 50000Hrs+

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