K5 CSP LED Headlight Bulbs Fan Cooling (Set/2pcs)

Plug Type: H1
Sale price$34.00 USD


Nowadays, the diverse marketing tactics and the numbers war have always misled ill-advised consumers. 70W? 16,000 lumens? Top-secret LED chip? Once tested, you will find they lied.

K5 series is regarded as one of the most cost-effective headlight bulbs. These lights are packed with features including optically correct output with no added glare, high-speed cooling, and simple plug-and-play installation. 

Light Performance: K5 features an excellent circuit scheme and a scientific hood design, showing a perfect cutting line and high brightness. With a power of only 52 watts, a pair of K5 bulbs use the high-density CSP to create 5700K white light with a lumen of 5,400 LM, which is about 5 times brighter than the original halogen bulb. All data comes from the lab test. 

As a bulb with a price of only $20+, the best advantage for K5 bulb is the excellent low beam pattern. It comes out excellent cutoff line and no extra glare. That's the key to avoid blinding other drivers.

Heat Dissipation System: The key to a longer LED lifespan is maintaining low operating temperatures. So we’ve paired that with a high-speed cooling fan to quickly cool the heat sink. Featured with 6063 aluminum material which is 135% more heat dissipation over ADC12 Aluminum, it allows K5 bulbs functioning in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 185°F.

Application: These bulbs are standard connectors, match the bulb number of your original application. Fits all vehicle applications with replaceable halogen bulbs. Some cars using H7 may need adapters. When you use H4 bulbs, the correct installation should be that the hood is underneath. In this way, you can get a clear cutting line.

Canbus: Error Free for 95% Cars. (Not fit to special cars, for example: not for B-M-W, not for AUDI, not for MERCEDES, not for some VW cars...) So for most of the cars, don't need to buy external CANBUS


    • Single Beam: H1, H7, H8/H9/H11, HB3/9005, HB4/9006
    • Double Beam: H4/9003/HB2,9007,H3
    • Chip: CSP
    • Voltage: DC 9V-32V
    • Usage: Headlight
    • Light Power: 52W/Pair
    • Waterproof: IP67
    • With CANBUS: NO
    • Brightness: 5400LM/Pair
    • Color Temperature: 5700K
    • Long lifespan: 50,000 hours+
    • Material: Aviation 6063 aluminum
    • Operating temperature: -40°F to 185°F
    • Package Included: 2 x K5 LED Headlight Bulbs

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