K18 Series 9005 HB3 Bulb High power white beam Headlight bulbs(Set/2pcs)

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Tired of struggling with inadequate illumination during nighttime tasks? Look no further — our cutting-edge 160W/10000LM LED bulb is here to transform your work environment. With a sharp design and excellent heat dissipation system, they can can work for any truck or car in the voltage range of 12V-24V.

Revolutionary Brilliance:160W, 10000LM per set
Designed to create a huge lumen brighter than normal car led/halogen bulbs, the K18 series 9005/HB3 bulbs can illuminate your workspace with an impressive 10000 lumens of brightness.  The LED chips are closer to the factory halogen bulbs to carry a brighter and more concentrated light output. The 160W/pair powerhouse boasts an exceptional lighting experience, banishing darkness and enhancing visibility. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 7350 high-power chip, this LED bulb is designed to deliver unparalleled brightness. With a 6000K bright white color, these bulbs will make sure to brighten up any long dark road that you take your Big Rig down. 

Stay Cool, Work Efficiently
Worried about overheating? Fear not. Our 9005/HB3 bulb features a dual-copper tube design that ensures rapid and effective heat dissipation. Keep your workspace comfortably lit without compromising on safety or performance. Built from the highest quality 6063 aluminum material originally designed for aircraft and spacecraft applications, they have amazing heat dissipation qualities as well as are 100% corrosion resistant in automotive applications. Plus with a unique ball-bearing fan, the all-in-one compact aluminum design brings better heat dissipation than the common plastic design, and ensures the longest possible lifespan.

Plug n play installation 
Superior illumination is just a plug-and-play installation away with K18 LED Headlight Conversion Kit. They can be installed directly into your headlight housing sockets and attached to the factory headlight wiring connectors. No rewiring or modifications are required, and they’ll operate at full intensity for 50,000 hours or more. Plus, the beam angle on each bulb is adjustable, so you can optimize the beam for your particular headlight assemblies. 

Upgrade your headlight to the K18 series 9005/HB3 bulb today and redefine your nocturnal workspace. Don't let dim lights hinder your productivity — choose brilliance, choose efficiency. 

  • 6000K-6500K Clean Diamond White Output
  • Single beam 9005/HB3 bulbs, 10000 raw Lumens output, 160 watts per set
  • Operating Voltage: 12V-24V
  • CANbus system - Prevents errors on most modern vehicles
  • Fan cooling design - better heat dissipation system
  • 360 Degree Adjustable Bucket
  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Housing
  • IP68 Water Resistant Design
  • 50000 hrs long lifespan
  • Sold In Pairs

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