Hood Clamp Holder Universal Ditch Light Mounting Brackets (Set/2pcs)

Sale price$17.99 USD


Bought the new auxiliary lights but don’t want to drill holes in the car? No problem. These little things can help you with trouble.

These two drill-free bracket clamp holders can make installation more convenient, avoid damaging your car, and also ensure that the ditch light(or the light bar) stands firmly on the hood. Each set bears about 5kg. Sold in pairs.

The bracket clamp holder features multi-layer anti-slip composite material, that helps to ensure it won't damage the hood surface paint. The U-shape bends like an open mouth to bite the edge with a thickness of 1cm. Then turn 5 screws at the lower jaw position to clamp the food in the mouth tightly. Don't worry that the screws will scratch your car because there is also an iron plate in the middle.

Please know this before ordering these small clamp holders.

  • Special for mounting on the car hood;
  • Suitable for the hood board with thickness below 1cm;
  • Suitable for brackets with a thickness below 5mm;
  • Suitable for lifting small auxiliary lights below 5kg;
  • Not suitable for severe bumpy driving

We have 2 types of this universal hood clamp holder. Increased height on the basis of type 1, the bracket clamp holder type 2 is more suitable for 4-7 inch work light bars. If your lights have 2 brackets, then you add a set of our clamp holder to the cart. Watch the video to know how to install the lights with our clamp holder.

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