GT7 CANBUS LED Headlight Bulbs Fan Cooling (2pcs)

Plug Type: 9005/HB3
Sale price$56.00 USD


Bulbs Series: GT7 Series
Plug Type: H7, H11, HB4(9006), HB3(9005), H4(9003)(HB2)
Power/Set: 62W
Voltage: DC 9V-30V
Lumens/Set: 7000LM
Beam Pattern: Hi-Lo/Single Beam
CANBUS Driver: No
Waterproof: IP67
Mounting Collar: No Adjustable
Color Temperature: 6000K White Light 
Heat Dissipation Mode: Fan Cooling
Installation Location: Front Headlight
Operating temperature: -40℃ - +80℃
Lifespan: 30000Hrs+
Package Included: 2 x GT7 LED Headlight Bulbs


GT7 was equipped with an excellent circuit scheme and a scientific hood design, showing a perfect cutting line and high brightness. The LED chips attach to a 1.5mm double-sided copper PCB board - close to the thickness of a filament inside a halogen headlight bulb. With a power of only 72 watts, these bulbs use the high-performance  chip to create a 6500K white light with a lumen of 8,000 LM per pair, which is about 4 times brighter than the original halogen bulb. The size is mini- cute as your car keys, easy to install and enough space for heat disputation after installation.

Built-in CANBUS anti-flicker and error-proof circuit, error Free for 95% Cars, effective reducing wiring, electronic interference, and offers high-speed network communication. (Not fit to special cars, for example, not for all the Germany cars, Volvo, Scania. etc...) Some vehicles use CANBUS function to monitor EMC control your headlight and fog light bulbs. No external components should be needed to install these bulbs with a Canbus Error Free-Equipped vehicle.

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