COLIGHT 9inch TrailBlazer Series LED Driving Lights With Yellow&White DRL

6.5inch Trailblazer Lights
9inch Trailblazer Lights
QTY: TrailBlazer 9”(Pair)
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For those seeking top-tier illumination for high-speed and expansive areas, our 9-inch driving light is a game-changer. Engineered for power and long-distance projection, this light is ideal for trucks, Jeeps, and other large vehicles. Note: The original connector for the vehicle lights is a DT 4-pin connector. The packaging includes a conversion cable with a DT-2 plug and two additional yellow and white wires. Check below for how to connect the wire.

  • Each light comprises 30 OSRAMs P8 LEDs, and delivers a formidable 14,850 lumens with 145 watts of power
  • 3 rows of spot reflectors and 1 row of flood reflectors, achieving a light source reflectivity of up to 99%
  • Offers both long-distance driving illumination and white&yellow Daytime Running Light (DRL) options
  • White daytime running lights add a welcoming lighting vibe
  • Deliver an impressive 1lux@1292m long-distance illumination per pair, 29,700LM/290W
  • Screwless Frame Design eliminates the hassles of loose screws caused by rugged terrain or impacts and provides a superior defense against moisture, dust, and other unwanted intruders within your lamp.
  • Die-cast aluminum Housing, superior strength and corrosion resistance
  • IP67 waterproof rating, allowing the lamp to be submerged in water up to one meter for up to 30 minutes
  • The PC Lens, high light transmission, impact-resistant, wear-resistant
  • Come with extra DT-4 to DT-2 +2 wires Conversion Cable, check below about how to wire up the lights
  • Pressure Equalization vent protects against water ingress, dust & contaminants
  • 3mm thick Stainless Mounting bracket with rubber dampener, corrosion resistance and durability

High-Power Main Beam and Dual-Color Daytime Running Lights
Each unit harnesses the power of 30 Osram chips, strongly reflected through a combination of spot and flood reflectors. This technology allows an impressive light projection of 1 lux at 646 meters. With a main light source power of 145W and an output of 14,850 lumens, these lights are exceptionally suited for high-speed driving and vast open areas.
Adding to its appeal, the light features dual-color daytime running lights in both yellow and white. The white DRLs are accompanied by a captivating 5-second welcome mode upon activation. This feature not only enhances visibility during the day but also adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle's appearance.

Functions of 9inch Trailblazer Lights

Q: How does it switch from the White DRL to the amber DRL?
A: This TrailBlazer Series comes with three light modes: the main light source, yellow DRL (Daytime Running Light), and white DRL. As a result, this 9inch driving light has four wires at its end - one negative and three positive. After using the included conversion cable, you will find two extended wires, one yellow and one white. The yellow wire is for controlling the yellow DRL, and you can connect it to the positive terminal of the turn signal as a position light. The white wire is for controlling the white DRL, and you can connect it to the positive terminal of the daytime running light.

Wiring Diagram For the 9" Trailblazer Driving Lights

Whether navigating winding roads, off-road terrains, or long highways, this driving light ensures a reliable and clear view, providing a smooth and confident driving experience.

CONNECTION: The original connector for the vehicle lights is a 4-pin DT plug. The packaging includes a conversion cable with a DT-2 plug and two additional yellow and white wires. You can easily connect the DT-2 plug to our 14AWG DT 2pin wire harness with round switch, and then attach the yellow and white wires to the positive terminal of the turn signal or daytime running light. Activating the turn signal/daytime running light will enable the yellow/white DRL functionality. Furthermore, by activating the wiring switch in addition to the turn signal/daytime running light, you can achieve a combination of the main driving beam and the yellow/white DRL.

Quality Build for Durability
In terms of construction, these lights are built to last. With an IP67 waterproof rating, they are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The wear-resistant PC lens and die-cast aluminum housing ensure durability, while the efficient heat dissipation design contributes to an extended lifespan of over 5000 hours. The robust mounting bracket further adds to its stability, making it a reliable lighting solution for all terrains.

This 9-inch driving light is a fusion of power, innovation, and durability. Its high-power output, long-distance projection, and dual-color DRLs make it a superior choice for those who demand the best in automotive lighting. Whether you’re navigating through challenging off-road trails or cruising on a highway, these lights ensure safety, visibility, and a touch of elegance to your vehicle. Their robust construction and easy installation make them an ideal upgrade for a wide range of large vehicles, promising an enhanced driving experience like no other.

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