COLIGHT 52inch Cube4 Series LED Square Driving Linkable Light Bar

Color: Clear Lenses
Sale price$756.00 USD


Tailor your lighting setup to perfection! Our modular LED light bars allow you to easily adjust the number of modules based on your needs, providing maximum flexibility for installation at different positions on your vehicle. Unleash the power of our 52-inch Cube4 series, a dynamic combination of ten 4.5-inch cubes meticulously assembled. Perfectly tailored for your truck's front bumper, it delivers an unparalleled long-range illumination.


  • Assembled with 10 pcs cutting-edge modules,30000lm/400W
  • Provide both a wide range of visibility and concentrated throw for distance
  • Allow you to customize the beam pattern and light bar width
  • Allow for each pod to be powered independently with its own separate input
  • Backed by a pressure equalization vent, IP68/IP69K waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
  • All screw accessories are made of SUS304

    Designed with modularity in mind, the LED light source and linking rings allow you to customize the beam pattern and light bar width.
    Featured with a unique hinge and bolt design, the Cube4 series utilize screws to link each module securely to form a rigid, powerful LED light bar system. Configured with a combination of deep reflector optics, the cube4 series light bar provides both a wide range of visibility and concentrated throw for distance.
    The modular design allows for each pod to be powered independently with its own separate input. Fitted with 4 genuine P8 LEDs, each Cube4 creates an amazing 5000lm/40w from its compact 4.5inch body. Utilizing 10°spot reflectors to maximize light output, the 52inch Cube4 can produce a staggering lab-tested 1Lux@1300m spot beam. That's perfect for illumination further down the trail or road.
    Without any doubt, you'll be impressed by these durable, robust and scalable LED light bars. Owning this light bar will improve the view for you and the visibility of your vehicle by other road users, consequently increasing safety on-road and off-road.

    We know you’re going to put your lights through hell and back, so we’ve built them tough in every aspect. With ultra-high-quality cast alloy housing with passive cooling fins for component longevity, and a stable polycarbonate lens that’s resistant to scratching, scuffing and fading. Backed by a pressure equalization vent, it helps to protect against water ingress and dust contaminants. Rated at IP68/IP69K waterproof, effective dustproof, and waterproof, it can withstand all kinds of bad weather. The 5mm 304 Stainless steel bracket on two sides allows the light to be securely attached without wobbling or vibrating. So you know it's ready for anything.
    Supplied with waterproof male/female Deutsch connectors and professional wire harnesses for all light bars up, the installation has never been easier. The Cube4 Series light bar is an effective and efficient addition to your vehicle on-road and off-road.


    • Voltage: 12V-24V
    • Beam Pattern: spot beam
    • Housing: Black
    • IP-Protection Class: IP68/IP69K
    • Light Color: White 5700K
    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Location: Bumper, Overhead
    • SAE/ECE: No
    • DOT Compliant: No
    • Pressure Equalization Vent--- IP68 water and dustproof prove
    • Waterproofed Deutsch-DT2 connector(Pair set) ---allows for easy connection⠀
    • Aluminum alloy housing and PolyMethylMethacrylate (PMMA) lens--- resistant to scratching, scuffing and fading⠀
    • 3mm stainless steel brackets--- stop moving out of alignment in heavy off-road use⠀
    • Huge passive cooling fins--- for component longevity

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