32inch Multi Spot-projector Laser Module Dual Row LED Light Bar

Sale price$265.00 USD


When people were not satisfied with the driving light bar with only one laser projector module, our new multi-spot module light bar came into being. Featuring dual row innovative hooded reflector design with rear-facing LEDs, CO LIGHT 32inch laser module driving light bar delivers unmatched light intensity at the mid to long range. And the price point is the best among the brightest light bar.

  • Middle spot projector module and rectangular hooded reflectors, 50% brightness increased than traditional straight reflectors
  • 4mm thick 304 series stainless side mounting bracket
  • Diecast aluminum Housing: Boasting superior strength and corrosion resistance.
  • 3mm thick PC Lens: Virtually unbreakable & scratch resistant
  • IP68Rated: Dust & Particle tight + Water-proof up to 1 meter for 1 hour
  • Pressure Equalization vent with metal cap: Protects against water ingress, dust & contaminants.
  • Environmentally sealed DTP-2pin male/female connectors
  • Flexible mounting options: bottom mount brackets and side brackets
  • Package includes 1x 32inch light bar with side&bottom brackets, 15cm female DTP-2 pin connector, rubbers, screws and bolts

Cutting-edge Design, Mid-long light range
This exclusively designed light bar is illuminated by two parts: the state-of-the-art spot projector and dual-row OSRAM P8 LEDs. Differing from other light bars, this spot projector module increases when the size is up. At the same time, you will get wider spotties than ever before.
Plus the rectangular hooded reflectors distribute a wide beam in the mid-long field, the brightness increased by more than 50% compared to the traditional straight reflectors. Also, this customized reflector will minimize the light wasted and reduce glare from road signs significantly.
Featuring TWO Osram KW3 chips and rectangular hooded reflectors distribution, the 32" laser light bar gives the light bar a massive 3° spot beam front the vehicle to a staggering 1 lux@760m. Along with a seriously impressive illumination, it also features dual rows of 24 OSRAM P8 LEDs and 3 pieces of KW3 chips under the laser projectors, producing a whopping 9662 lumens/192W. Check the picture for more SPEC and more sizes.
These powerful light bars are great for slow-moving trails or straight country roads, and also ideal for bombing down salt flats or wide-open deserts.

Superior lighting performance aside, CO LIGHT multi-spot projector light bar offers all the features and quality you’d expect. With ultra-high-quality diecast aluminum housing with a heat sink for component longevity, and a premium polycarbonate lens that’s resistant to scratching, scuffing, and fading. Backed by the military-grade pressure equalization vent to balance the pressure and reduce condensation, the IP68 ingress protection rating means they can handle a creek crossing and a high-pressure washdown after an adventure. Supplied with waterproof male/female DT 2pin connectors, the installation has never been easier. 

We know you want flexible mounting options, which is why we’ve included two separate mounting options. Coming with the fixed bottom mount brackets and side brackets, that's possible to install anywhere you want.

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