2 Inch Bulge A Series Motorcycle Mini Auxiliary Driving Lights(Set/2pcs)

Style: Bulge A Lights(All Black)
Sale price$75.00 USD


All Coilight Bulge Series are featured with a bright high beam and low beam. They are called the bulge series because they all have very prominent convex lenses that can maximize the light output. That means you can get a huge brightness from their tight size.

Here comes Colight minimal auxiliary light: Bulge A Series, the smallest, most versatile light in the Colight product line! Its mini size makes it possible to mount anywhere you want, especially for motorcycles. For better&safe road traffic, it is recommended to add matched extra wire harness to control the lights separately.

POWERFUL MINI SIZE: Measuring approximately 1.92" x 2.2" x 1.37",  these tough& ultra-bright Bulge A series can produce 1800 lumens at 14watt per light. Coming with a yellow low beam&white high beam design, they’re perfect to use as motorcycle headlights, fog lights or roof-mounted offroading lights, or even for reverse lights.

CANBUS COMPLAINT: You may meet your LED bulbs flicker, pulse, give you errors and warnings on the dash. What is the problem? That's because your vehicle employs some version of CANBUS or PWM to control the lighting functions. Bulge A features an extra LED driver, the CANBUS integration circuit inside the LED driver will help to solve the problem. (Not recommended for German cars)

TOUGH BUILT: Bulge A series comes wrapped in impeccably durable, weather-resistant housing from high-grade aluminum and complete with an unbreakable bifocal lens. They’re IP68 rated which means they’re waterproof to one meter for an hour. Pick the angle and direction that work best for you, this easy-to-install mount can be attached with common tools in a home garage.

  • Dimensions (without brackets): 49 x 56x 35mm
  • Current Draw (pair): 1.93A @ 14.4V
  • Operating Lumens Output (pair): 3600lm
  • Beam Pattern: White High Beam/Yellow Low Beam
  • Input Voltage: 12/24V DC
  • Housing: Aerospace Aluminum Alloys
  • Lens Material: Bifocal Len
  • Weight (pair): 0.6kg
  • Sold in a pair

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