16AWG 2-Pin DT Connector Wire Harness For Offroad Lights For Truck Jeep ATV UTV-2 Leads/11.5ft

Sale price$21.99 USD


When you're doing an offroading adventure at night, make sure you're using the waterproof DT wire harness. It's easy to plug and play with the DT connector. Fitted with a 2-pin DT connector, this 3-meter wiring harness is enough to handle all occasions. 
It has a round LED-illuminated rocker switch, a power relay, a blade fuse holder, positive and negative battery leads, and two waterproof Deutsch style connectors.

  • Universal fit: this harness kit can be widely used in all automobiles, boats, and devices that use a DC12V 40A power source. 
  • Simple connection: equipped with DT connector, no wiring between LED lights and the harness kit, simple and easy installation. Two lights are controlled by one wiring harness.
  • Heavy-duty harness: with a wire gauge of 16AWG, this heavy-duty wiring harness can be used to connect 2 work lights below 240 wattages.
  • Circuit protection: power relay together with inline blade fuse to defense against overcurrent and short circuit, ensuring safety
  • Sold with other lights. Do not ship one wiring harness.
  • 1x wiring loom harness kit with fuse and relay
  • Weight: 0.6kg 

Please pay attention to the operating circumstances. Keep the wiring harness away from any moisture or heat, such as rain, moisture environment, electro-heat equipment (engine and etc).

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