16AWG DT Connector Motorcycle Horn-Triggered Flashing Wire Assembly

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Upgrade your motorcycle's visibility and safety with our Motorcycle Horn-Triggered Flashing Wire Assembly. This versatile assembly is designed to enhance your riding experience by providing a reliable and customizable flashing function when you honk your horn. This multifunctional component comprises a stylish and refined button switch, a DT-2PIN connector, a 20A fuse box, an ACC control wire, a horn wire, and two red-black power wires, all totaling a generous 3 meters in length. It's the ultimate solution for motorcycle headlight wiring.

NOTE: This is not a plug and play harness. The package comes with a male connector, you need to replace the connector on the lamp with DT 2pin.

Key Features:

  • Stylish Button Switch: The assembly boasts a sleek button switch that not only complements your motorcycle's aesthetics but also provides a user-friendly interface for controlling your lighting functions.

  • DT-2PIN Connector: The robust DT-2PIN connector ensures a secure and dependable electrical connection, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance. Can be used for the lights: COLIGHT Rob2 pros, HD series, D07 Series. For those lights with a single beam, change the connector to DT connectors for plug-n-play.

  • 20A Fuse Box: Safety is paramount on the road, and our assembly includes a 20A fuse box to protect your electrical system, especially when powering a high-intensity lighting system.

  • Handling 180W with Ease: Whether you're powering a brilliant headlight, auxiliary lights, or other accessories, our assembly effortlessly handles up to 180W of electrical load, ensuring that your ride is well-lit and full of possibilities

Advanced Functionality:

  • ACC Control: The ACC wire prevents electrical leakage and enables you to keep your lights on without draining your battery.

  • Flashing Modes: With the switch, you can toggle between four distinct flashing modes:

    • Constant On: Keep your lights continuously illuminated for maximum visibility.
    • Synchronized Flashing: Both headlights flash simultaneously for an eye-catching effect.
    • Alternating Flashing: Create a unique visual pattern as your headlights flash left and right.
    • Overtaking Flashing: Enhance safety during overtaking with rapidly flashing headlights.
  • Horn-Triggered Flashing: One of the assembly's standout features is the ability to trigger flashing by honking your horn. This practical safety feature alerts other road users to your presence in potential danger, adding an extra layer of protection.

Upgrade your motorcycle's lighting and safety with the Horn-Triggered Flashing Wire Assembly. It's not just about style; it's about innovation that makes your ride safer and more dynamic. Stand out on the road, stay safe, and ride with confidence. Customize your motorcycle's flashing sequence to match your preferences and elevate your visibility.

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