How To Find The Right Bulb Size For Your Vehicle?

As more and more people recognize the advantages of LEDs, most of them are replacing the original halogen headlights.

Before you order a set of LED headlight bulb, it's very important to know what's your vehicle light bulb size. Otherwise, the bulbs won't fit your car. But how to find out the right bulb size for your vehicle? The following guide will help you get the right bulb in different ways.

#1 Referring to previous headlight bulbs.

The easiest way to find out the right bulb size is to check your previous headlight bulbs. Just need some home install tools then remove your headlight. The bulb size is just stated on the fitting around the casing. Some popular bulb sizes such as H4, H11, H7, 9003, and H13. If you don't know the different bulb sizes, you can read our LED Headlight Bulbs Cross Reference Guide.

#2 Referring to vehicle owner’s manual

If you don't want to remove your headlight yourself, you can also contact the vehicle manufacturer for fitting information, or simply read the owner’s manual, which lists each light type that fits for. Or, you can google your vehicle "year make model+owner manual", then you can download the result.

#3 Use A Bulb Finder

The best way to find out the right bulb you are buying, just enter the year, make, model at our bulb finder on our home page. 

#4 Contact Us

If you still can't find your bulb numbers, we're glad to help. Send email to and tell us the year, make, model and the position you want to replace. Our customer service will get back to you as soon as possible.