Y9 Mini Projector 6000K Led Headlight Bulbs-LHD Light Bulb (Set/2pcs)

Plug Type: 9006/HB4
Sale price$72.00 USD


When your original halogen headlight becomes weaker and weaker, it's time to change. Choosing a bulb that is bright and owns a proper cutoff line is very important when driving in the dark. Built with a mini projector, this COLIGHT Y9 Series shoots a perfect cutoff and bright white light, so that you can see far enough down the road to react to obstacles or avoid animals, and won't blind oncoming drivers. Let's see how it plays.

In addition to your vehicle’s tires and braking system, your headlights are one of the most critical safety systems on your vehicle. No matter what season it is, we need to rely on the forward lighting systems in our cars and trucks to keep us safe. Let's ignore the fact that LEDs are brighter than halogens, the properly cutoff line is a very important safety issue that is frequently underestimated.
COLIGHT Y9 LED headlight has an innovative low beam shade cup with a micro-optical projector(lens) on the top, that enables the low beam to show a clear cutoff line ahead. In a typical H4 bulb application, only about 30% of the raw lumens are projected on the road as forwarding illumination. With this special optic, about 90% of the lumens will be projected onto the road. The micro-optical projector(lens) is responsible for the illuminating angle and amount of the beam pattern, can reduce light loss, maximize the light-gathering ability, making the maximum lighting length up to 150m. This feature is an unparalleled performance advantage over other H4 LED headlight bulbs.
Thanks to the excellent circuit solutions, it requires less energy to keep cool and keep power to the LED up. Just only 45w results in 4500 lumens of high beam output and 35W results in 3500 lumens of low beam output per set.

NOTE: Y9 Series has H4/9003/9005/9006/H7/H11 bulbs, it has a wider application than COLIGHT Y6 series. Please check whether the upgraded headlight complies with local road traffic regulations before deciding to buy. Only LHD countries can use these bulbs.

The all-aluminum lamp body quickly transfers heat to an unparalleled pure aluminum base, which dissipates heat in seconds, maintains the operating temperature at about -40 ° C to + 80 ° C, effectively reduces light attenuation, and can reach a lifespan of 30,000 + hours.
LED CANBUS decoder has strong decoding and anti-interference ability, which can make the current more stable, does not affect radio reception, does not interfere with radio wave batteries, keep supply to the led headlights bulb current constantly.

Before you install, you need to unscrew the bottom base, then insert the bulb in the correct orientation, fix the buckle, and finally install the bottom base. The entire process can take up to 10 minutes to complete. You can install it yourself without going to a specialist repair shop. We provide a 2-year warranty and provide quality service before, during, and after-sale.

PACKAGE INCLUDED: 2pcs Y9 Series LED headlight bulbs

  • Bulbs Series: Y9
  • Plug Type: H4/9003/9005/9006/H7/H11
  • Power/Set: Low beam 35W/ high beam 45W
  • Voltage:  DC 12V-24V
  • Beam Pattern/Lumens(pair): Low beam 35W/3500LM;  High beam 45W/4500LM
  • CANBUS Driver: Yes
  • Mounting Collar: Non-Adjustable
  • Color Temperature: 6000K white light
  • Heat Dissipation Mode:  Fan Cooling
  • Installation Location:  Front reflector housing headlight
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ - +80℃
  • Life Span: 30000Hrs+

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