Mini F6 Series LED Headlight Bulbs Fan Cooling 6500K

Plug Type: H1
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Bulbs Series: F6
Plug Type: H1/H7/H11/9005/HB3/H4/HB2/9003
Power/Set: 40W
Voltage:   DC 9V-32V
Lumens/Pair: 6000LM
Beam Pattern: Single/Hi-Lo Beam
CANBUS Driver: No
Mounting Collar: 360° Adjustable
Color Temperature:  6500K
Heat Dissipation Mode:  Fan Cooling
Installation Location:   Front Headlight 
Operating temperature: -40℃ - +80℃
Life Span: 50000Hrs+


F6 headlight bulb uses the most efficient copper core plate thermal conductivity technology with thermal conductivity of 480W/mK which is twice as much as aluminum. Its superior thermal conductivity can quickly transfer heat to the heat sink to protect the light source and extend the lifetime.

The light source adopts the custom upgraded 3570 ceramic eutectic chip, 40W reaches 6000-lumen luminous flux which is brighter and more energy-saving than other bulbs. Super mini size, fit for more than 98% cars. Sold in pairs.

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