CO LIGHT 7 Inch DOT Marked NovaH Motorcycle Headlight

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It’s time to throw away those crap-light-pattern headlights. With the real DOT certification, Colight NovaH headlight not only offers an unparalleled low beam and bright&evenly high beam, but also the DRL for maximum safety and comfort. It's not just the motorcycle headlight. Come with an additional bracket, NovaH headlight also can be used as the offroad driving light. 

DOT APPROVED/FCC COMPLIANCE DOT stands for the Department Of Transportation, which is a government agency that is devoted to transportation in USA and Canada. Therefore, in order for a LED light to be DOT approved, it must be built to strict government standards, specifications and regulations as well as tests.
Headlights that are non-compliant offer far less where it’s needed most for the driver, and also dazzle other road users. To ensure the safety of yourself and other road users, your headlights must meet the local on-road Rules.
Colight NovaH headlight is a DOT-approved headlight, which means it's 100% street legal in USA and Canada, and it can offer the best beam width, height, and intensity.

LHD VEHICLES/LOW BEAM/HIGH BEAM/FP: You may have tried the other disaster 7" LED kits on the market, the dazzle&terrible light pattern on the pavement or wall is simply a disaster. Our NovaH LED Headlight unit is DOT Compliant and features a proper LHD beam geometry. Our NovaH LED headlights dip their beam on the left-hand side of the road and provide extra vision on the right-hand side(passenger side) of the road. So the perfect cutoff line comes out.
The low beam offers a perfect cutoff line and full of volume. It throws out a 1500lm/22.5w white light and 1lux@150m. The high beam throws out a 2100lm/30w white light and 1lux@255m, which is better than many auxiliary lights on the market. The integrated optional Front Position Light(FP) can be wired to ignition or to a dedicated switch to illuminate to offer daytime safety.
Complete with separate High & Low beams as well as the FP, Our NovaH LED Headlight is your next upgrade solution for your motorbike or 4x4 vehicle that runs 7" headlights.

EXTRA BRACKET SUPPORT: In essence, NovaH LED Headlight is a 7-inch universal motorcycle headlight. However, it comes with an extra U bracket, then it can be mounted on the rack roof or front bumper as auxiliary driving light.

  • Dimensions: 7inch
  • Raw Lumens: High beam: 2100lm, low beam:1500lm
  • Current Draw: 1.8A@ 12.5V(Low beam), 2.4A @ 12.5V(High beam)
  • DOT/SAE Approved and FCC Compliance
  • Light Modes: High&low beam, White DRL
  • Standard H4, 3-blade connector and extra "H" DRL wire
  • Durable IP67-rated Die-cast aluminum alloy Heat-Sink, with UV-protected scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Package include: one-piece 7inch LED Headlight, an H4 to H13 Adapter, and an extra "U" bracket and screws. 

for Harley Davidson Motorcycles;
for AM General for Hummer (1992~2001);
for Hummer H1&H2 (2003~2009);
for Kenworth Trucks with 7 inch round headlight;

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