CO4D Single Row Super Drive Reflectors Led Light Bar-8"/14"

Size: 14"/49w
Sale price$75.00 USD


The CO4D Series Led Light Bar has been built for a different purpose. Unlike the other light bars, the CO4D light bar is an integrated housing, that allows it to be more waterproof and sturdy than other light bars. And the reflector style is designed to carry out the combo beam(Strictly speaking, the light is more spot than flood) from the big reflector to reaching a further distance on the road. We called it "Super Drive Reflectors".

LIGHT OUTPUT: Compared to traditional optical systems, Colight CO4D light bar delivers unparalleled light at the mid to long-range with the help of the Super Drive Reflectors. Fitted with 6 high-intensity Osram P8 LEDs, the 8 inch CO4D light bar can shooting a 2760lm white light at 23watts. And it boasts 1 lux@215 meter. The CO4D LED light bar is ideal for mounting on the bull bar wings, or behind the grille.

Tough Built:  No matter there is an urban adventure or a journey into the wilderness, the CO4D can take you there. Sealed with the virtually indestructible convex polycarbonate lens and a powder-coated, extruded aluminum body with pressure equalization caps,  so it can withstand just about every and any rage of the road. Add in a waterproof Deutsch-style connector that allows for easy connection to any DT-2 wiring harnesses.

Application: At only 38mm in height, so you can bolt them on any power from 10V-30V vehicles, such as the van, ATV, UTV, ute, 4WD, truck, tractor, or just about any type of machine which runs a 12v-30v power. Come with the unmoveable bottom mounts and stainless side brackets, they are 2 years warranted and 30 days money-back guarantee. Shop now with confidence. 

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