COLIGHT 9 Inch Hexagon Series Oversized Led Spot Driving Lamps

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Whether you are hitting the trails at night or driving off the beaten track, being able to see the obstacles ahead is a must. COLIGHT 9 Inch Hexagon Series Oversized Led Spot Driving Lamps allow you to drive confidently on the darkest offroading track.

LIGHT PERFORMANCE: Whether it is bad weather or night driving, producing up to 11,000 lm of instant light output from 14 premium 5050 LEDs, the Hexagon series is bound to become the top pick edition for offroading. With the blessing of the hexagon lens, the COLIGHT 9 Inch Hexagon Series Driving Light can produce a staggering lab-tested 1Lux@835m spot beam per pair.

TOUGH CONSTRUCTION: Packaged in an impeccably durable housing die-cast from high-grade aluminum and complete with an unbreakable PMMA lens, Hexagon Series will have no trouble standing up to the rough. Built secure with an IP68 waterproof rate, the Hexagon features a military pressure equalization vent specially designed to prevent pressure and condensation in the enclosure.

APPLICATION: They can run on 12v and 24v, so you can bolt them to your car, jeep, van, ute, ATV, 4WD, truck, tractor, or just about any type of machine. Coming with 3 normal wires, this 9'' Hexagon lamp is easy to install on your vehicle. For better&safe road traffic, it is recommended to add an extra waterproof DT wire harness to control the light pods separately. When you add our DT wire harness to your cart, the whole light setup will be upgraded to waterproof. 

  • CURRENT DRAW(one pcs): 8.3A*12V
  • BRIGHTNESS: 11000lm per pcs
  • LENS MATERIAL: Unbreakable Polycarbonate
  • HOUSING MATERIAL: Coated Aluminum
  • DIMENSION: 9inch
  • LIGHT MODES: Spot beam/DRL(Daytime running light)
  • PRODUCT PER WEIGHT: 1.4kg per light
  • The package includes one piece driving lamp and Screws

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