5 Inch Amber White Light Strobe Work Light Pods

Style: Lights(2 Pcs)
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These dual-color strobe light pods are a perfect addition to any vehicle needing to be seen. The white light will help you see what is in front (or behind) you with ease. Using these on a plow truck, or tow truck will increase your safety. The flashing amber lights are a great way to add visibility to your car or truck. Don't miss out, "It's bright for backup and excellent emergency flasher!"

It features 24pcs Powerful dual-color chips that shoot a 1560lm light at a power of 13 watts. It has 6 light modeswhite light, amber light, white & amber light, white strobe, yellow strobe, white & yellow strobe. Watch the video below to see how great these lights are. 

    With an IP68 rated weatherproof, professional-grade Connector, the durable LED work light is up to the task. A Die-Cast Aluminum housing and PC lens protect internal components, and an integral heat sink allows LEDs to run cool, which leads to an incredibly long life span. The light has a 180° adjustment stainless steel mounting bracket at the bottom and operates within a wide 12-32V DC range. 

    • LED Power(per Set): 27W, 3120lm
    • 3000K Amber & 6500K White
    • 6 strobe modes
    • Flood beam
    • Black Die-Cast aluminum heat-sink 
    • Unbreakable Polycarbonate Front Cover 
    • 180° adjustment bottom bracket
    • Amp Draw(One Light): 1.12A@12.12V
    • Waterproofed DT Connector

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